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Expired Domain Catching/Warehousing – My Practices And Advice

I am a domain name investor and keep a warehouse of domain names available for purchase. In this article, I’d like to go over my experiences and methods I use to keep my inventory manageable and consistent to attract buyers. Most of this experience will date back to a few years, in the past I […]

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Dynadot API – More Spending Means More Registry Connections

  Dynadot is one of the more popular registrars that offers an API for registering domain names. Domainers have been using Dynadot as their preferred registrar while drop catching expired domains via the API. Beginning this year in January 2012, Dynadot decided to open up it’s API to all users.  Before 2012, users were required […]

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Fabulous API Drop Catcher Software Now Available

Hello, I have been working with a few beta testers who have been testing drop catching software for the API. The Fab API is XML based & easy to use. The software I wrote is available at for purchase & immediate download. The software works on any windows based computer from windows 95 […]

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