Drop Club

As you can see, my blog doesn’t make any money from advertisements.

Instead, I offer 10 seats to the best drop catching secrets. These seats are high priced & offer exclusive insight to my many years of experience, drop catching formulas & tools.

This exclusive membership entitles you to hold access to a drop catching panel. You are free to schedule what you wish at several registrars. More details will be sent to the subscribers who choose to join.

I’ve setup this Google Checkout button (below) for now. This system is being worked on at the moment & is worth it’s weight in gold vs the hundreds of dollars you will save on successful expired domain backorders & end user sales:

Monthly recurring membership is $199.99 every month for those who wish to hold a seat & harness this exclusive membership. Once all the seats are filled, no one else may join.

1 out of the 10 seats are taken at the moment. Leaving 9 memberships open for now.


  • Keith says:

    I’m in!

  • admin says:

    That bumps the total number of seats available to only 6 :)

  • Alan says:

    Hi, can you give some more info on this?



  • Les Porter says:

    Is there a minimum membership period or can members stop their membership at any time? I think I’m in. I just want to know the full payment terms first.

  • admin says:

    Hi Les,

    I am sorry to inform that the drop catching club has not been meeting for the past few months. I refunded everyone their money back & admit that I have just been much too busy to help out others with their drop catching. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line, but I am unable to provide the service posted here for $129 a month. I will soon be changing this page, or perhaps taking down this drop catching blog because I am extremely busy nowadays.

    Thanks for the encouragement! It would be great if I could find the time to mentor others on drop catching strategies again.


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