What Tools Does The Domaining Industry Lack? What Would Make Your Job Easier?

I am an entrepreneur, a software engineer & above all I like to be a visionary as to what the “next” big thing may be. I like to be behind the scenes to lead a new path instead of following what everyone else is doing. Everyday I wake up, I ask myself what tools domainers need, what can I develop to help them? What can I do to develop the most cutting edge technology before someone else develops it?  I’m not trying to re-invent wheels, but instead create something new that no one else has thought of yet. In college, my major was psychology while my minor was in CIS (Computer Information Systems). Like most entrepreneurs, I dropped out of college because the information I was seeking & trying to learn wasn’t available at the college level. The experience I was seeking couldn’t be taught to me in college, but instead had to be learned in the real world. The best thing I could have done was drop out of college & confront the real world head to head.

Domainer Tools

Domaining Tools

My main focus in college was to take my psychology major, use trending business strategy & basic / advance arithmetic and develop artificial intelligence to make me profitable. I was in college in the late 1990’s and soon started to develop brands & register domain names. For me, this always made sense that an undeveloped domain name had so much potential to make something from scratch happen for me & bring in profits into my pocket.

I have since been developing cookie cutter software to make other domainer’s jobs easier. To make their & my job easier, I started with tools that found domain names that were expiring and had resell value.  Other tools I developed were similar to estibot’s lists and self parking pages which I monetized from. While things seemed to be working ok, I changed my focus to use my stats for my own good & catch / warehouse domain names into my own portfolio. I made tools that worked for me and used them on a daily basis.

Since then I have offered some of the tools for sale, free drop lists, domain metrics & end user tools. What I am looking for now is for what domainers may feel the industry lacks. What every domainer may feel would make his or her job easier on their everyday strategy to ease the manual labor each person goes through daily. If there’s something that can make your job easier, chances are that it will make other people’s job easier, therefore fill a void in the domaining industry. I know most domainers will want to keep their want lists secret, but it may be that if someone needs a tool they can use, others can also benefit from the tool & make their jobs easier.

From time to time, I like to put on the movie: The Social Network. It’s not that I want to re-invent Facebook.com, but instead it’s because it’s no longer easy to find people motivated & thriving to make a change for something new that makes sense. The motivation programmers had back then doesn’t exist anymore. From working at a high school fulltime, I can assure you that the students no longer care about making the next new thing, but are more interested in making the next follower thing to follow someone else’s footsteps.

If you have an idea or something that you feel can make your job easier, I invite you to send me a message. You can post it on this blog or email it to me at: dan <at> expron.com. If you’d like to sign NDA’s that’s ok. It’s just that i’m finding it easier and easier to build more tools that domainers can use in their everyday methods. What might not make sense to others may make sense to you & work for you. The sky is the limit & you shouldn’t be held back by lack of programming knowledge. In the past I was asked to develop aggregating software & websites along with unique tools which I have developed. Perhaps it’s time your tool comes to life & make your everyday job a lot easier.

Happy Domaining in 2013!

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  • Francois says:

    What was for me a true lack as I am so impatient (and sometimes so lazy) was a way to can simply click a button in my browser to immediately access all the domain information relative to the page I am visiting, and from there can navigate to the different tools easily.

    I made it: dofo.com

    Happy Domaining 2013

  • 2W says:

    en_able us to set up a site … which b similar to go.to ,

    thanks , 2w

  • admin says:


    Do you mean – setup a site similar to a parking script / website?


  • Kassey says:

    Is there already a web service/tool that does bulk Google Keyword Search? Instead of entering keywords one by once manually into the site, can you enter a list of keywords and get global monthly search — both broad and exact — for all the keywords?

  • admin says:

    Hi Kassey,

    I know that Estibot performs this search on a bulk level – so it must be possible. I will look into a solution with more depth & try to / make a useful tool people can use for bulk Google keyword searches.



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