PendingDelete – Expired Domain Drop Catching – Right on Your Mobile Devices

Hello Everyone, I am proud to offer a new series of drop catching software. This software is mobile app ready & will run from your iPad, iPhone, iTouch or Android devices. The software works just like the DropKing software works, but is first in it’s class to work on an iPad or any mobile device. While the software is extra easy to use & very useful in catching domains, it is under Apple’s review to list the software for sale on Apple’s iTunes / App Store.

Apple App Store Drop Catching Software

Mobile iPad Drop Catching App

Here is a glimpse of what the software will look like. For previous customers of the software, these mobile Apps will work exactly the same as the desktop apps that previous customers are used to. For those of you who are new to understanding how drop catching software works, it’s actually quite simple. You must follow these simple steps:

1.) Scan the PendingDelete Expiring Domain lists & make a wish / wanted list of the domains you’d like to secure in your account.

2.) Load the domain names you’d like to catch into the drop catching software.

3.) Enter your account API key – For example here, enter your Dynadot API Key found under: -> Login -> My Account -> Domains -> API Settings -> API Key.

4.) Enter Your Mobile Device IP Address into your Dynadot account. Found under: -> Login -> My Account -> Domains -> API Settings -> API Key -> IP Address. They allow up to 5 different IP addresses to access the API per account. It may be useful to visit a website such as to obtain your ip address & supplement it into account for drop catching purposes.  This allows the software to communicate with Dynadot’s API server & send the registration commands appropriately.

5.) Set a start / stop time & good luck catching. You can also monitor the drop cycle & click start on the mobile drop catching app.  You will get instant results of failure or success server responses for each attempt to secure a dropping domain name into your account.

6.) Next thing you may notice is that an expired domain name from your list was captured at the API Registrar you hooked into via these mobile or desktop apps.

Currently, the Apple iPad / iPhone / iTouch & Android devices support the drop catching software for these Domain Registrars:

Dynadot API

Moniker API

NameSilo API API

Fabulous API


As well as a few other API’s in current development stages. I welcome you to keep an eye out for these mobile apps to make their way into the Apple APP store, Google Play Marketplace & others. I hope these apps will help you in securing decent domain names that are expiring & you will be able to catch using this easy to use software.

Feedback is appreciated, but these apps have been tested & proven to work. All it really takes is a list / want list of PendingDelete expiring domain names, a registrar API key & good luck to secure domain names into your account instantly. You won’t need to spend a lot on backorder fees at the major backorder outlets & you can snipe expired domain names into your account at registration fees without a need to deal with backorder auction fees.

Good Luck Domaining & I hope these apps can make your everyday drop catching a lot more simplified. These apps will be evolving more as user input conditions their usability. As always, every customer from – will always receive a free upgrade to the software if the software is upgraded or the corresponding registrar changes their API URI. So you can rest assured that the software will continue to work for many more years to come & we back that 1000%! Our customers shouldn’t expect anything less.

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