Drop Catching Software Now Available On The iTunes / App Store For iPad & IOS Devices

App_StoreI received the news last night that Apple has accepted DropKing’s drop catching software. It’s a huge step for me because I try to stay above the curve by offering the best tools in the best ways my customers can use. This was a challenge because of the various platforms the software has been developed in. Currently the software is available for windows desktops, php / wamp servers and linux systems. Now this addition of IOS devices software means that you can catch expiring domain names on the go! You can catch expiring domain names right from your iPad, iPhone or iTouch on the go.

The more I notice, desktop computers & laptops are becoming a thing of the past. If you walk into an electronics store, you’ll notice that the laptops & desktop computer section have been transformed into areas displaying mobile devices from various manufactures competing in the market. Don’t worry, the DropKing software will become available on all versions of android devices soon. The software is being submitted to google play / Android market & should appear soon.

So what does this mean for the average domainer? Well, it means that you have more options to catch expiring domain names than before. Now you can do your drop catching anywhere. There’s no need to setup scripts or software on your home computer – you can view the results right from your mobile devices. As technology is changing, so should the drop catching technology that’s available to you. Why should you settle for less? You deserve to have as many tools possible in the competitive field of drop catching.

Now to the nitty & gritty – you may ask – how does the software work? Will it consume my mobile device’s battery power? Will it go to sleep and stop working during the drop window? Will it fail me if i’m trying to drop catch pending delete domains and on a train in the subway? Well to help you out, here’s some answers: the software will not eat up your power up. The software will not go to sleep, and will remain running. If you lose signal, it will pick right back up where it left off at.

Here’s a couple screenshots of what the software will look like on your iPad:

IOS Drop Catch Software

You can specify the domains you want to catch & run it instantly. You can also specify a start & stop time (see image below) and plan your drop catching ahead of time.


Here is an image of the software with the time selector enabled:


Drop Catching Software

Drop Catching Software

Here’s a screenshot of the drop catch software planning stage. You can select a start & end time for the activity to take place.


So how does it work? Quite simply – If you have an account at Dynadot, NameSilo, Moniker, Fabulous or RRPProxy.net – then you’re ready to go.

The domains you register with your app will appear instantly in your account if you manage to catch the expiring domains into your account during the drop window.

For those of you who are new to drop catching, the drop window occurs between 1:00PM & 2:15PM CST time. This is when you’d want to be running the software with the pending delete domains you want to buy. If luck is on your side, you will instantly secure the domains right into your account via your user credentials or API key.

Some Q&A’s I can answer now are: Will these mobile apps beat out Snapnames & NameJet – well sorry, but the answer is no. These apps will simply reflect the domain is taken & it will require a whois lookup to realize you got beat out.

However, this software is great for medium and low grade domain names. It works really well for domains you may be able to resell to end users. Let’s face it, drop catching is a FAD & while the best domains are caught by the top backorder services, there’s a lot of domains that slip through & this software would be perfect for catching.

Good luck in your drop catching & let me know if there’s anything I can do to help your drop catching become more successful. I hope these apps will make your job easier & your portfolio grow with domains you will own.

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  • Joy says:

    can you please post the link to the itune to download your APP. what does it call in itune ?

  • admin says:

    Hi Joy,

    The link at the top / image App Store links directly to the iTunes link. You can search for DropKing, Dynadot or the like to find the app in the iTunes store & purchase / install on your mobile device.



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