Develop Your Domains Into Websites – What Are You Waiting For?

In my opinion, the best domains are being held hostage by domain investors that don’t know how to develop a website. Developing a website and working it with conversion rate optimization services would get your website ranking higher up.  This post should shed some light on what you can do with your domains & convert them into operational websites where you obtain profit & sales from a domain name. Like the saying goes: if you can dream it, you can build it. So why aren’t you building your valuable domain names into something netting profit gains into your pocket? Perhaps you weren’t aware of the options available to you. Perhaps you don’t know first hand how to turnkey an existing technology to fit the domain name you own into a profitable idea. There are people who be delighted to help you on your website and do website monitoring for you.

In the domain industry, I have learned that the sky is the limit. I am an avid thinker, and visonary. When I get an idea in my head, it sprouts into huge profit gains. I wish I had more time to focus on these traits & make more money for myself – but I’m not really in it to make money. Instead I focus on the things I like to do instead of randomizing myself into a million projects I never finish. Lately I have been selective as to the “new” projects I start in 2013. I made a goal to kick off the new year developing more of the domain names I own. So far so good & the synergies I am creating will rattle some in their boots. It’s not that an idea is good, it’s that an idea works. I like to K.I.S.S. the technologies I build (keep it simple & stupid). It’s a great concept I have adapted to after running circles in the past & losing focus of what really matters to the web visitor.

So this post is for every domain investor which holds good domains & aren’t doing a lick to develop them. I ask, why not? What’s holding you back? In my experience, even the dumbest or K.I.S.S. ideas have yielded good revenues. I recommend you keep in mind that it’s not what you know – it’s who you know. If you get aligned with the right developer, then you can start sprouting profits real quick too. The trick is to keep it really simple. If an idea makes sense to your customers, they will come back over & over again. It’s common sense which some domainers don’t get & that’s ok. If we all “got it” the first time around, then what would be the point? You need to love a challenge & stick through until the end. I hope these simple tips can help you with developing your valuable domains into operation websites or partnerships where everyone wins.

1.) If you own a generic domain – check out providers who provide items for sale or services which fit your domain name. Try to partner up with them under an agreement that both parties will benefit from this deal. For one, the provider may get more customer reach from the domain name while you the domain owner make money from providing the domain name.

2.) Google search your domain names. Are there providers or services that are operating with a longer or less futile domain name than yours? If so, you can approach them to setup an affiliate plan & get cash from directing your valuable traffic stream to their affiliate program. If you can’t partnership, you can perhaps install a feed of their products or services on your website for commission based affiliate pay.

3.) Take ownership of the services or products out there. If your domain is a category killer, become an expert in that niche. More than likely, users will find you via direct navigation or a (google) search engine search. Google loves to match defining domain names with it’s user’s search criteria. This is a win win for your domain & linking what’s out there. Not only will it pump up your domain’s traffic, it could very well also beat out others trying to accomplish the same with a longer or less useful domain name. If you trump their search results, your domain will instantly gain more exposure & value when a buyer comes around.

4.) Use development platforms that are easy to install. Each have a different flavor, but some are wordpress, joomla, xoops, zencart, magento, zoomy, so forth. The vehicles are out there to drive your domain name into the audience it deserves, they are just like having a low deposit car insurnace, they make you will secure while nit spending tons of money. You can hire a writer to  add content to further expose your domain to the search results users are looking for & provide useful info. If you have access to a feed, your domain can illustrate items for sale based on affiliate based commission.

5.) If your domain name is making jack on parking – take it out of parking. Usually parking will hurt your domain name unless if you are lucky to have traffic coming in. The search engines, namely Google hate parking. While the trick does work sometimes, it won’t always save you & the pennies you are making may not be worth it. Take a look at your parking stats & decide for yourself if you can make more if the domain name can make money representing a brand, products for sale or services to be offered. Remember that the sky is the limit & it’s ok to add life to your domain name by supplying what your audience is looking for,

I can’t emphasize enough how easy it may be to find partnerships who can offer experience, products or services for sale on YOUR domain name(s). What can be easier than forming an alliance where your domain name is the for front of the money making process. You gain exposure, and the net profits if you choose to install ad placements on your domain names. You can monetize your traffic better if you have an idea about the traffic hitting your website while turning visitors into paying customers.

While this article may not be for most domainers, it will hopefully help some domainers out. In life, it’s not what you’re handed.. but instead what you do with it. I encourage you to keep developing the infinite world of web development & start bringing in some profits directly into your pocket. Afterall, if you don’t do it – someone else can & will. It’s a race to who gets what they want in life & by the day more & more are joining the fight.

As inspiration, I was thinking today that if I hadn’t developed my own brands, that money would be out on the table. I am lucky to have secured those profits in my pocket & encourage you to think like I have. It’s not a matter of high development costs, but instead an idea that can gain huge net profits that you deserve for owning a good domain name. Good luck to all domainers in 2013, let’s rock it out!

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  • EMMA says:

    This is the greatest article I have ever read. Domaining, if you did not hit the 90s domain lottery like Rick Schwartz did, is waste of time and life. The fact that the founders of facebook, instagram, pinterest, techcrunch, yahoo, google, alexa, craigslist, backpage, amazone, just to name few, were not domainers but became multi millionairs and billionaires is an evidence that domaining is wast of time and life. Selling a domain name is like hitting a lottery.

  • Sajit says:

    Great article. I will also try to utilize my unused domains per the advice in your article.

  • admin says:

    Hi Sajit, Thanks & Good Luck to you in developing your domains.


  • admin says:

    Hi EMMA,

    There is still money to be made with domaining. While it may not be visible like Rick Schwartz’s gains – there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Some domainers are making a killer living from developing & flipping their virtual assets into useful web properties.


  • picas says:

    sorry but it’s not easy work as 5 tips above …
    domains are not cows then we can feed them and getting milks easily

  • admin says:

    Hi Picas,

    I notice your point, however a domain name with valid stats will be like feeding a cow & getting the milk easy. This can vary from parking to parking & hyping domains for sale. If there’s a solid trace of domain traffic to the domain weather developed or parked, it will render you more gains when it’s time to sell that domain. I like to think of the methods most use similar to your generalization that you can consider domains cows to feed & milk them later. The sky is the limit in this industry. Thanks for your input.



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