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Directi ( offers a powerful drop catching API. This API is good for catching expiring domain names into your resellerclub account. The pricing is reasonable and the API is capable of sending up to 100 calls every minute. The calls are usually to register domain names during the drop window. Directi allows a maximum of 1000 calls every ten minutes which makes this API a good choice when trying to register dropping domains.

Directi has been very effective at registering .com & .net domains – but it’s main focus should be considered for domains in other extensions. In the past, I have noticed directi being very effective at registering .in,, .mobi & .me domains. Directi offers various pricing slabs starting at a $99 prepayment to start using their API & catching domain names into your account. Directi has been in business for a long time & are one of the first registrars I knew about to offer API access to it’s members.

DropKing offers a server based script that is easy to install on a PHP server. Using this script, you can set domains you’d like to catch & the software takes care of the rest. Directi has expanded it’s customer base over the years to over 200 countries & holds control to over 5 million domains in it’s registrar. Their customer support has always been extra “nice & helpful” to me with any issues or questions I have presented.

These are the domain extensions that Directi offers registrations for:


If you are a serious drop catcher, I recommend directi’s API to your toolkit. It is a reliable API system that is easy to use & will scoop up domain names the second they become available.  They are a top choice registrar that also offers web hosting & domain related services. They offer LAMP & .net hosting armed with Plesk or Cpanel management for reseller hosting plans.

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  • DevelopAlpha says:

    Excellent API, shame about the availability delay (it can be 1-4 minutes behind a public availability check like GoDaddy etc)

  • admin says:

    As far as I know, resellerclub uses a realtime catch attempt. There is no need to check public availability when drop catching via resellerclub’s API to drop catch expiring domain names.



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