Expiring Domains Drop Order & .Com / .Net Estimated Drop Time Service


Expiring Domains Drop Order & Drop Times

I encourage readers of my blog to take a look at the service provided by: DNMeter. DNMeter takes the daily list of pending delete domains, places the domains in drop order & assigns an estimated time each domain will become deleted from the central registry and become available for registration again.

The registry fluctuates when dropping domains from the zone. I notice sometimes the registry drops batches of domains at a steady pace while other times it stalls on a batch which freezes on the batch & holds up the rest of the drop.

It is difficult to determine the exact second a domain name will drop, but the DNMeter service does a good job. Below I will outline several ways the service can be of use to help expired domain catchers catch the names they want.

1.) It provides a method to gauge the time window between drops. Eg, If you are chasing three domain names today – You can determine the window between each domain. Here’s an example:

Domain Time
Domain1.com – 1:07:15pm CST
Domain2.com – 1:26:03pm CST
Domain3.com – 1:57:44pm CST

The example above would indicate that domain1.com will drop around 1:07pm, Domain 2 drops around 1:26pm & domain3 drops around 1:57pm. So it wouldn’t make sense to chase all three domains during the entire drop window, but instead only when it’s getting close for each domain to drop.

2.) Knowing the time a domain will drop allows me to focus all my strengths to catch the domain. Weather it be refreshing a registrar checkout page or using API’s to catch the domain – knowing when it will drop greatly increases my chances to catch the drop.

In the future, the drop catching software at DropKing will incorporate the drop order to sort and adjust the dropping domains into the software so you can achieve maximum results at registering dropping domains.

If you’d like a free trial of the dnmeter lists, comment and I will provide a five day trial to interested users. This is another tool to have handy if you are an active expired domains drop catcher.

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