Moniker’s API – Drop Catching With Impressive Feedback

As time goes on, I am finding more & more that the Moniker API system is one built for the long haul. I have been using Moniker’s API since 2006 to drop catch expiring domains.  The thing that surprises me the most is that to this day, the Moniker API keeps doing well. Users are reporting significant daily drop catching progress in which Moniker’s API keeps beating up their competition.

Users are providing feedback that Moniker keeps catching names for them. It seems like Moniker every once in a while can beat namejet & other backorders like: & the like. It’s nice to see that average domainers can backorder at these sites & still pay only regfee of $8 or so a domain.

Other registrars like Dynadot, Fabulous & etc also have powerful API’s, but they can only target one domain at a time. This where Moniker beats them since it can instantly register up to 100 domains per second in a blink of your eyes. I will be leaning more towards developing more drop catching tools for Moniker & share the tools to readers of this blog.

You can always find the latest developments in my drop catching technology at: – where I will update the site as more tools become available for drop catchers who seek to catch pending delete domain names on the drop.

keep up the good work Moniker!! I hope to catch more domains with your API in the near future.

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