How To Inspire Passion Into Your Online Brands & Web Presence

Domainers who build out their domain portfolio will often find that their ideas are great, but they lack what they need to build out their domains into websites.  In this post, I’d like to point out things that help me keep focused and drive passion into my domains making them a reality. I hope you can take this advice & apply it to your domain(s) and make brands that become profitable & you see complete from start to finish.

First off – an online brand (website) begins with an idea / dream. Try to take notes on your idea & imagine what the online brand will look like as a finished product. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the purpose of my online Brand? Will I profit from the brand & is the market saturated in this field?
  • How will the brand become alive? Will I need to hire a designer or a programmer?
  • How much capital is required to launch the brand & will it turn profits soon? If not, how long before I see profits?
  • Do you really have the time & dedication to launch the brand & afterwards hold it’s hand as it matures?
  • What if your brand becomes a success? Do you have the resources to support your customers?
  • Is your idea fleshed out? Or do you need to work on getting it more ready before launch?

It’s an enjoyable feeling to see an idea become a reality. The main issue usually comes with money & the dedication you put in. I try to launch one brand at a time as to not overwhelm myself & I see that works for me. If you have a passion for your brand, it will outshine & your users / customers will notice. Often times a lot of ideas are started & later abandoned. I notice this happens mostly because of funding or simple lose of interest. You may become overwhelmed at first building out your idea to find yourself sick & tired of it soon. It may also be that after you build out your brand, you find there are many others doing the exact same thing you are & no way to set yourself apart.

Inspiring passion into your brand to make it successful becomes easier if you follow these simple steps:

  • Break up your ideas into manageable chunks. Take on a task or two a day – but leave room for family and or fun. Work hard, but also remember to play hard as well. Rome was not built overnight, so keeping this in mind will help that you have a set track of how things will get accomplished & completed.
  • Make your passion become known. If you have an idea & the passion for it, let it bleed out for your users to see. They will notice & these are the little things that will stick out – therefore your customers will appreciate it & return to your website.
  • KISS – Keep It Simple & Stupid. The simpler it is for your users, the better.

It makes sense to develop your domains into usable brands, but it may not be an option for everyone. If it is an option, I recommend that you put your heart & soul (passion) into your brand & develop it to the fullest. You will receive satisfaction & profits from your online developments. Domain names are conduits to build businesses & brands that can be self sufficient & profitable. I enjoy building brands out & later selling them for profit after they’ve established profits & growth. While I don’t always sell the brands I develop or brew up, I enjoy taking a blank domain & building onto it. I hope I can inspire you to do the same & add your passion to your developments.

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  • netoctave says:

    The most important thing its to start and this its where most people have problem. Good writeup.

  • admin says:

    Hello Netoctave,

    I agree & the most important thing to do is to just do it & start your brand. Things may seem more difficult than they really are – but once you start, you’ll find they’re not so bad.



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