Dynadot API Software For Drop Catching .CO.UK Expiring Domains

It recently came to my attention that Dynadot’s API supports drop catching .co.uk domain names. I sold a copy of the Dynadot API software last week & the customer inquired about using it for drop catching .co.uk expiring domains. I emailed Dynadot’s support and learned that their API V2 supports .co.uk domain registrations. I immediately wrote the software that hooks into dynadot’s api & registers .co.uk domains.

.co.uk drop catching software

Dynadot API Software

The software works rather fast (1-2 tries per domain per second) & seems to be reliable for instantly registering a .co.uk domain the second it drops. It’s easy to use & contains three additional fields that the regular (.com, .net, .org, .info, etc )dynadot drop catching software doesn’t have.

For years, .co.uk domains have intrigued me. How it’s a mystery to some when these domains drop due to the limited whois lookup limits. It’s been a secret that domainers have kept to themselves to catch the best expiring .co.uk domains.

In the past, I kept up with expiring .co.uk domains by visiting forums such as acorndomains.com & the like. I developed my own droplists for .co.uk domains in the past, but I never really got into drop catching these domains on a regular basis. I would usually sell the droplists to others & I would perform whois lookups using proxies & hundreds of IP addresses to figure out which domains would expire daily.

The software is for sale at dropking.com & I invite you to use the software if you catch .co.uk domains. You’ll find it’s very easy to use & offers you a quick way to catch .co.uk domains if you have access to the droplists or compile your own.

I will keep readers of my blog posted on the software & how it works. As more users purchase & use the software, providing feedback – I will make sure to keep everyone posted about the software & reported success rates.

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  • Niz says:

    its very hard to figure out which .co.uk domains going to drop. would you mind to share your list/script.



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