Feedback Request For New Email Drop List Service

Hello readers, I am looking to start up a new expiring domains list service & your feedback as to what you’d like to see the service provide. I think I’m on the right track with my new tool, but your feedback will be necessary to fully refine the end product. So far, I am able to compile lists of expiring domains based on stats & criteria that I specify. I would like for the service to provide an easy way for a user to login, select their criteria & instantly receive an email with a domain list of expiring domains that matches what they are looking for.

In testing the system, I decided to test & see what the emaild lists may look like. I decided to test with this criteria for tomorrow’s drops:

Drop Date: ‘06-25-2012

Other Extensions Taken = Greater Than ‘2

Domain Extension = ‘.com‘ only

Hyphens = ‘0‘ – no hyphens

Search CPC “Exact Term” = ‘Greater than ‘$1.00 USD

Has Number(s) = ‘0

The list created which would be instantly mailed to the user would be:















I have been testing different variations of stats to lookup & email and based on my criteria, the engine seems to be doing a good job. I am looking to tweak my criteria so the results come up in a wider variety of results or mixed stats criteria to compile a single list of unique domains for me to drop catch. I really think this would be a great service that domainers can use on a monthly based price. Your feedback is helpful as to which stats you’d like to see appear in an email.

Here is the full list of stats that are available for email delivery:


Expiring Domains Based On Keyword(s)



Search Engine Results

Search ADS That Appear For Results

Search Volume

Search / Term / ADS – CPC




Wayback Records & Age

Google & Yahoo Results Count

Domain Age

Adult & Trademark Risk

Has Numbers or Hyphens


Hope the readers of this blog can benefit from this new system I am building & can help refine the results to make their drop catching a more successful experience. I am thinking to price a service like this for only $16 per month & your tailored list will appear in your inbox on a daily basis based on your specs. Your input is valuable to make this a reality for the domaining community.

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  • Roma says:

    Hi Dan,

    I think it’s a great idea except that there is no ‘Right gut feeling’ criteria :). I’m not a dropcatching expert,the only way it works for me is if I eyeball the list since, as you’ve mentioned earlier, there are plenty of great domains without any stats. That’s killing me, but every time I put some special criteria I come across the names that many other people backordered since they have an access to the same list as well. So at the end of the day I have a very little chance to get the names. Can you make lists of domains expired long time ago? The kind of names that you’ve mentioned when writing about I just came across your blog so didn’t see how did it work before you disabled your site, unfortunately.

  • Shane says:

    Great idea! $16 per month seems expensive though. I’d try to keep at under $10. $5 per month would be easy to sign up for. From $5-$10 I’d really have to consider it. At $16… probably would just keep perusing myself.

    Most important variables to me would be numbers, hyphens, IDN, Length, Domain Create Date, Domain Expiry/Drop Date, keyword (starts with/ends with/ contains), and extension. I like your idea of trademark risk. I do it manually now – wonder how you would show this?

    Thanks, great idea!

  • admin says:


    Thanks for the feedback. I will work on the pricing if this attracts an audience. So far it really hasn’t. For trademark risk, Estibot offers an indicator for trademark infringement, you may want to check it out.


  • admin says:

    Hi Roma,

    I understand what you mean about any domain containing stats become backordered. I really wish I had the time & patience to eye ball the lists again like I used to do in the past. I kinda gave up on the historical lookup data – eg, The work involved simply provided mediocre domains that really weren’t worth my time & effort. I guess if the system was refined, it could be lucrative, but I wasn’t able to find the honey spot with



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