Effective For Sale Landers & Ways I Have Sold Domains

I wanted to share with readers of my blog ways that I have sold domain names & the success I had. I have tried several ways to sell domains & I will outline what I tried & the success I had. So far, the results seem to vary on the domain quality. If a domain I own is good & there’s a buyer, the buyer will find a way to connect with you & show interest to purchase your domain name.

GoDaddy – For a while, I was backordering domain names in volume at GoDaddy.com. Every once in a while, I would receive an email from domainbuy@godaddy.com with dialog regarding an interested buyer for one of the domains. I really liked how GoDaddy handles the process with a human interacting with the buyer & me the seller via emails. I was able to email back, ask for the buyer’s offer & counter offer or accept the offer via email. I also like how they kept me posted throughout the entire process via emails. From start to finish, godaddy was there & if I had any questions or concerns, they addressed each item in an effective manner. I’m not sure how the buyers contacted GoDaddy to initiate the sale, but payment was always made with a quick turnaround. The payment was made each time to my PayPal or my GoDaddy Good As Gold Account. Overall, the GoDaddy sales were for domains I recently caught & were hosted with their parking pages.

Whois – I often get sales that funnel in via the whois contact info on my domain names. I will get an email from someone regarding a domain name I own & they are interested if I am looking to sell the domain. This method of selling a domain seems to give me an opportunity to size up the buyer. I will do extensive research on the potential buyer to gauge their budget. Sometimes, these buyers are not very legit or testing the waters. I have had a lot of sales via whois, but I have also had a lot of buyers back out from the purchase. I always try to keep my whois info up to date with the proper email, phone number & so on.

SEDO – recently I have been hitting good sales with SEDO.com lately. I think there’s much to learn about the whole sedo process where buyers are able to visit the parked page & hit the buy now page. Usually I would assume that visiting a parked page would turn off a buyer, however sedo’s parked pages seem to attract buyers to click the “This domain may be for sale” link & complete the sale. I always look forward to an email from sedo’s transfer team & that payment is in escrow. The process is really painless & after using sedo’s buy it now pricing, the sales complete rather fast because of the set prices I have for each domain. I am slowly migrating more & more domains to their platform due to the simplicity in the sale & how payment is made with a quick turnaround.

Parking Lander Page – For a while, I was building up servers on a whois catchall system. Basically if I set the DNS servers on all my domains, they would display a full website with a buy it now & make an offer page. I really liked this system, but I found that after a while Google would deindex the pages because of the same content across multiple domains. However I always enjoyed receiving a paypal email that a buy it now buyer purchased a domain from the domain & processed payment. I would also get a slew of emails from interested buyers with inquiries or offers. I may setup this system in the future, but using a system like SEDO’s seems to have superseded this process & seems much more legitimate to a buyer.

Developed Website – This is dating a while back, but I used to develop my domains into websites that were based on wordpress or static / dynamic html pages.  On the developed sites, I would put up content along the lines that the domain was for sale & add content based around the domain’s keywords. It’s been years since I used this process, perhaps because of the work involved & the low success rate compared to the work done that yielded any sales.

Emails & Mailing Lists – This process involves scouting & emailing end users to purchase your domain names. This process used to work a couple years ago for me, but spammers have watered down this process from the success rate I used to see. A couple years back, emailing a potential end user would yield an instant sale. Now it seems like all end users are plain sick & tired of the spam mails & label the solicitations as a scam. For those of you that still use this practice, I find that setting up a buy now page or putting a buy now / make offer option on the homepage to link directly to will get you better results to secure sales.

Happy domaining & I hope my hands on advice can help you in selling some of your domains!

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