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It’s been about five years since I last visited SEDO. In the past I really didn’t experience much success. I set forth a week ago and decided to test sedo.com again.Right before making the move to park my drop catches at sedo, I had setup a one page lander to buy the domain or make an offer. While the parking lander worked, it simply wasn’t driving up sales like I wanted. Plus I didn’t have reliable stats info.

My portfolio is getting bigger in size with hundreds of domains. As the domains come up for renewal, I needed a way to centrally look at the domains I own in one area. Sedo provides this & the visitor stats are helpful to make the call of dropping a name or including the stats info in future sales. So I changed all my dns to ns1 & ns2.sedoparking.com. I then ended life of my one page lander parking system.

So far, the numbers at sedo are looking ok. For now, I transferred about 200 domain names to give it a test. I’d say about 100 of the domains do not receive any visitors. Ranges from 0-3 visitors for 1/2 of the portfolio seem to be common. The other half is doing well with visitors and clicks. This has become an eye opener for me because domains I felt were terrible are getting visitors & clicks. While domains I feel are great & make sense to me, don’t make sense to anyone else. That’s funny, but I’m happy to have discovered that. Any stats good or bad will tend to increase the price of a domain when it’s time to sell.

In a weeks time, I managed to sell a domain & another one is in mid sale in the transfer stage. Both domains sold for around $149 each from seperate buyers.  I look forward to those emails, when you’ve sold a domain via buy it now & the buyer has initiated payment to sedo’s escrow account. I hope it happens more often and I sell more domains. I’m hoping domain sales pick up since buyers may be broke after the holidays & things pick up in a couple months through the end of the year.

Some of the domains I have are seasonal / summer related, eg – scooters etc. So hopefully when summer comes back around, I will get some sales.  I also look forward to the visitor numbers to increase when the time comes for certain domains. Since sedo uses a google feed for it’s sponsors and content, I assume that Google may index the parked domains – but not 100% sure. I will need to examine the data & stats monthly. One week isn’t enough time yet to see what needs optimizing.

I have been noticing that dropped pagerank domains seem to work exceptionally well with sedo. I have been catching pagerank domains on the regular, but currently on pause. I like to selectively pick up batches of pr domains on the drop, do it for a week or two and chill for a week or two. The issue with pagerank domains is that you have to develop fast with unique content that is relevant to the backlinks coming in. Or the domain will likely lose it’s pagerank on the next google update.

Here is a screenshot of the parking so far for one week so far:

Sedo Parking Revenue

Sedo Parking Stats For Past 7 Days

I am pleased with the results because my previous one page parking system didn’t provide means of revenue other than domain sales. It’s nice to see that sedo seems to have a high CPC payout. I am still learning how to optimize the parked pages, but noticing that some of the domains are producing up to $4.45 per week would be great! Even if it’s just a handful that make revenue and carry over the rest.

My system is setup a little different than others. I acknowledge that I should try out & test higher paying parking systems like voodoo.com & the like. That seems to be a great option for domains that I plan to keep for long term. Perhaps after sifting through the good & the bad via sedo, I will move some domains to voodoo or etc.

My current system focus more on retaining drop catches for one year total. If it doesn’t sell, I will likely drop the domain. If it pays for itself via parking or receives inquiries, I will keep the domain for long term. I’m trying to chase 10 – 20 drops a day, so a year seems plenty to figure out if it’s worth keeping or dropping.

I’m also glad to see that fancy-gifts <dot> com is getting a lot of unique visitors. By nature I don’t chase hyphenated domains. Sometimes I do, but that’s because of huge sales I’ve had in the past where I’ve sold a drop catch hyphenated domain for $3,500. So I like to keep my ears open on the subject. The forums scared me on hyphenated domains, but after my previous sales – there are buyers & traffic!

Well that’s my story so far with sedo. I will keep everyone posted how things go & how the parking revenue & sales stack up. I also listed about 100 of these sedo parked domains with Afternic.com’s DLS system, but not much activity from afternic for the time being. Maybe time will tell.

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