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Fab API Drop Catcher

Fabulous Drop Catcher

I have been working with a few beta testers who have been testing drop catching software for the Fabulous.com API. The Fab API is XML based & easy to use. The software I wrote is available at DropKing.com for purchase & immediate download.

The software works on any windows based computer from windows 95 – Windows 7 (32Bit & 64Bit). The software allows you to enter a list of domain names you’d like to register. You save the list of domains to chase into a text file – one expiring domain name per line. Next, you enter your Fab account username & password. When you are ready, simply set the pause you’d like and click start. I usually recommend using the software with a 1 second pause between each domain registration try.

Fab Drop Catching Software

Fabulous API Domain Catcher


If a domain is available to register and you have enough prefunded money, the domain is registered right into your Fab account. You only pay registration fee which is nice. This becomes a huge money saver compared to backordering domains at high prices. Why backorder when you can drop catch the same quality of domains?

The feedback I am getting from the testers is great. One of the testers claims he can beat godaddy and some of namejet’s backorders. I have witnessed losing a handful of times to Fabulous’ API where I backordered the same domains at godaddy & Fab’s API won. I’ve heard that every once in a great while fab will beat a snapnames backorder on domains of much lesser quality that probably only received one backorder.

I think the Fabulous API is an untapped resource at this time. I believe the API is extremly useful because:

1.) Not a lot of people who know about or use Fab’s API. This leaves the highway open for the API users who are getting away with murder. Imagine having the strength of a registrar with realtime connections to the registry for your own drop catching without much competition.

2.) The API is one of the faster API’s I’ve used. You can tweak the pause to “0” which really gets the API hits hammering to register a domain for you. From the TOS & what I’ve read & talked to Fab, it’s ok to use the API tool at this speed without any fear of a penalty.

3.) Since Fabulous has strict rules to join, not many people are accepted or meet the requirements. Therefore the members who have access to the API own portfolios or hundreds of domains and are more serious about drop catching.

4.) Fabulous specializes in the TLD’s: .com, .net, .org, .info & .co. This avoids amature domainers who are clogging up the API system chasing less desirable ccTld’s (like: .in, .co.in, .mobi, .me etc) around the clock.

Overall I am happy with the product I made. It is yet another tool that can be used to catch expired domain names at registration price. The feedback has been great & I don’t see other software being offered for Fab’s API.

For more information about the fabulous.com API drop catching software, please contact me or visit: www.DropKing.com.

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