Dynadot Opens Up API to All Customers, Not Just Bulk Customers

Dynadot API

Dynadot API Opened

I just received an email from Todd Han that Dynadot.com has now opened up it’s API to all users. This is great news for Dynadot customers who enjoy drop catching domains but were turned off by the $500 spending / pre payment. Now any Dynadot customer can tap right into the API system without having a bulk account.

In the past Dynadot required API users to prefund their accounts with $500 or spend $500 every year to qualify for a bulk account. The API was then enabled for bulk accounts and you are able to hook into the API system for catching domains & managing your domains.

For the past couple weeks, I have noticed a huge increase in speed with Dynadot’s API. It went from a 4-5 second pause between each try to less than one second per try. Sometimes, the API seems so fast, I swear it’s cramming 2 tries per second. I’ve never seen it operate so fast & this leads me to believe that Dynadot.com has acquired additional registrar connections or has accredideted additional registrar(s).

Dynadot.com’s API has always been my favorite. It’s been the easiest to use, it’s well documented & it actually works. Unlike other API’s like Moniker where you have to basically beg & beg for API access, Dynadot works for it’s customers. Out of all the drop catching software I’ve sold, the Dynadot tool is the one I’ve sold the most of.

It’s also nice for the company to have a president that cares. Todd Han & I have talked on the phone in the past. Todd is a good guy to work with and his concerns are for all his customers equally. Todd was very open to the software I create & how to make it easier for Dynadot’s customers to put the API system to use.

For those of you who are not aware, Dynadot.com’s API system allows users to create their own programs for registering domain names instantly. The API system ties into the live registry connections at verisign. While pending delete domains expire from the registry, various users & other registrars utilize these realtime connections to attempt to register the domains they’d like to own.

While Dynadot’s API may not compete with Snapnames & the like for the big money drops, it does work exceptionally well for low to medium grade domains. Alot of domains slip through the cracks daily & the API will surely beat out the hand reggers everytime. Dynadot’s speed increase should prove a success against other registrar API’s and drop catchers.

I will run some tests on the API and compare the speed difference. Off the bat, the API was attempting up to 10 domain registration attempts every 60 seconds. Now I am closer to 40 or more registration attempts every 60 seconds. This speed increase should yield more captured domains that I chase.

Dynadot’s API Offers the following commands to the best of my knowledge:

– Domain Registration

– Delete Domain

– Set Nameservers

– Check Availability

– IDN Domain Support

If you are looking for drop catching software which integrates with Dynadot.com’s API, you should visit my website: http://www.dropking.com. DropKing.com offers software which is used by many daily. I’ve receieved great feedback from the dropking tools & invite you to give them a try.

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  • Jeff says:

    Based on a comment from a few months ago on their forums they couldn’t even keep their API up for bulk customers.. Now it went down today as it was overburdened by requests since they opened it up to the masses.. :(

  • admin says:

    Jeff, I know it’s Dyandot’s intentions to acquire additional registries / registrar connections to verisign. It wouldn’t surprise me if Dynadot is brewing up additional connections & this may be teething pains as they are acquired or put in place. It just wouldn’t make sense for dynadot to open up the api without the capacity in place to handle the requests. I’m sure it was planned out and the delays should hopefully go away for api users.

  • Shane says:

    Their API is not working at all right now.

  • admin says:

    From what I heard & have experienced, it was on and off – but seems to be a consistent api again. Looks like Dynadot has weathered the storm and the api calls seem to be fast again without a lot of the annoying “system_busy” errors.

  • ken says:

    today it did not catch the domain while it dropped free.
    is it necessary to unlock account to buy domain via API?
    it is all the way not available down to end .
    meanwhile someone else get the domain, probably by hand.

  • admin says:

    Ken, you should not unlock your account to drop catch domains. Simply using dynadot’s API with your locked account works. Depending on who got the domain, I’d assume they simply tried harder and grabbed the domain. I can’t beat dynadot’s api by hand regging domains, Dynadot tries 1-2 times per second.


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