Dynadot Offers A Backorder Service. News To Me.

This struck me out of the blue a couple days ago. I was visiting Dynadot.com & checking out the marketplace domains. I noticed something new, which seemed to be a pending delete tab which allowed me to backorder domains @ $11.75 USD a pop. I noticed that they have listed the entire pending delete lists & it was easy to place backorders on any domain of my choosing.

I backordered domains & was satisfied with with ease in it all. I also learned that when placing a backorder, you win the domain for only $11.75 if you are the only bidder. If there are multiple bidders on the same domain & Dynadot’s backorder service cathes the name, then you enter into a private auction with the other bidders.

As of writing the website states:

1.) You will not be charged until we successfully catch this domain for you.
2.) In order to place a backorder, you need an order history with one successful payment in the last 365 days. A completed prepay order will fulfill this requirement.
3.) If you are the only one request for this domain, an order will be created in your account using your default marketplace payment method once we successfully catch the domain
4.) If there is more than one request for this domain, a private auction will be held if we successfully catch the domain

I decided to give this a try & on purpose tried to chase some of the competition & premium drops. Very ignorant in my part, but I had nothing to lose. Especially since there were 0 backorders for the drops I decided to chase. I gave it a whirl & chased these drops today:


I noticed that the cutoff time for the backorders is up to approx 15 mins before the drops actually become released from the registry. This is nice for any last minute change of mind adds or removals. It’s also very easy to remove backorders from your account with a click of a button before the cutoff time.

So off went the experiment & as the drops became available, well – as you may have guessed, Dynadot didn’t catch any of these drops. Instead the regulars as in SnapNames overall crushed the drop catches.

I guess this service would be great for mid-grade domains that don’t catch alot of attention. Or targetted niche, service or product long tail domains that go unnoticed by the big fish. Still a great service for Dynadot to offer to it’s customers & I hope they keep building on with more real-time registrar connections.

Overall these are the pro’s and con’s in my opinion:


1.) It’s a very easy to use system for entering backorder domains & tracking the progress.
2.) If you are the only one to backorder a domain, you win it for only $11.75.
3.) Dynadot is a trusted & respected company for never doing their customers wrong.
4.) Their support actually tries to accommodate things to fit your needs.


1.) The number of total backorders is publicly displayed. Bigger drop catch companies can scrape this data & apply more horsepower to chase domains that grab backorder attention @ Dynadot.
2.) Dynadot needs to increase their price & drop catch capacity with more registrar connections to make this profitable for itself & it’s customers.
3.) I could not find documentation regarding – what if someone catches the domain using Dynadot’s API system. Who wins the domain then? It’s not technically a backorder – is the domain surrendered to the API account & the backorders are rejected? Or vice, versa?

Overall I am a big supporter of this system & would like to see how this pans out for Dynadot. Dynadot has been my preferred registrar of choice for many years now & I hope you find success with this new backorder service I stumbled across recently.

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  • Trico says:

    Thanks for the info Dan.

    Since you don’t have to pay up front you have nothing to lose
    by backordering.

    Very few can compete with Snapnames as I’m sure you know.

    I do wish Dynadot had a Watch List like GoDaddy does.

    It would be nice to be able to maintain a list of domains you’re interested in without having to place a backorder too early.

    This way you’re not tipping your hand and showing your interest.

  • Jose Augusto says:

    Nice move Dynadot.

  • J says:

    I know this is old news but I just wanted to thank you for the info. Dynadot needs to do some better marketing since I had no idea this was an option. I backordered a name I wanted to use for my personal blog and was able to snag it for only 15 bucks! Strange this is that dynadot didn’t email me when I “won” the name. It’s just in my account like I registered it.


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