Determine Your Enduser Price. Not Wholesale Or Domainer to Domainer


Everyone and their mom can sell something. But can you sell a domain name? YES.. But can you sell a domain name at the true value that an end user looking to buy your website url(s) may pay you?

Behind all that happens between a domain transfer, there are a few things to keep in mind. I think these variables are the hardest to face on a double blind end user sale. Us often considered squatters & cyber criminals have steady income in assigning names to the right people.

From dealing in selling my own domain names, I have found that:

First off, you have no real idea of what your prospect buyer will pay for your domain, website url, site etc – whatever they call it. You know your inventory & have to make a decision. Do you leave money on the table for a quick sale or do you start high up & lower your prices down?

I like to play it by ear & listen to my gut feelings. I am not out to exploit a domain name sale – but I also have been leaving a lot of money on the table following old domainer methods. The old advice that dashes don’t matter & .net is crap. Now my end user buyers are asking for .net – .network domains & Dashes “Hyphen” domains make sense. While I wouldn’t want to put the house for sale on Domain investing – there is a medium:

A.) What do I really want in the form of cash or trade for the website url’s I own?

B.) What will my buyer pay me? How can he use this website? How does it benefit him or her?

C.) Ok, I am ready for the B. sale above. However, can I perhaps make a little more cash if the buyer was someone else?

I can say that I am on both ends of the deal. On some sales I have been really shy & sold a regfee domain for $2K+ & during other times, I have sold a perfect match to an end user for $10 or so thinking it was crap.

This post is mainly to motivate everyone in their domain assests. Hope is out there & it’s near. You just need to be very motivated. Get off your chair, pick up the phone, call end users & sell your website url’s. Visit nearby places that can put your domain to use. You’d be surprised what you can get. Let endusers use the domains that fit a clear purpose for their needs.

To add something more into the list is this variable:

D.) Learn to negotiate better & understand your buyers. Leaving money on the table can be intense, and realistic for your current goals, but think ahead fast & that money is lost. An example was recent where I received interest in one of domains. The offer was $400. I felt the domain was worth over $1,000. I counter offered with $500. I lost the sale.

On D.) Above, I am glad I lost the sale. The domain name was actually: I actually had plans to develop the domain & make an exchange site for various 3rd party services like paypal & moneybookers to unify a payment. I guess most anyone reading this would have taken the $400 cash via paypal. Lesson learned for other domains in my portfolio – but I keep the same plans for paygram in the near future.

To end this off, I will conclude by saying that you do end up getting out what you put in daily. Don’t lose hope. Keep reaching out further & further. Use as many Excel formula’s & web research you can to find the right buyers for your domains. When there is an opportunity – invest your time in your sales to flip this virtual real estate which is as real (or worth more) than real real estate.

I hate to admit this – but at the end, feel free to raise your prices a little. I have been known to be too generous & your competition will eat you up. If you don’t land the solid sale on your domain name – then then potential buyer will find something else or another to work for them.

Glad to be back posting on my blog after 1 year & 1 month away due to building development stuff. These end user sales are keeping me away from taking on further development stuff & concentrating on matching the perfect domain for more people who can put them to use. It’s become my new dream job.


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  • Ray M. says:

    Hello, what is best way to find end-users and do you park your domains? I talked to domain brokers and they think I am naive by offerring me about 10% of what there worth, I would be interested in someone selling for me at 50%, thanks Ray

  • admin says:

    Ray, there are various techniques to find end user buyers. With a little luck, you can find end users by performing web searches & exploring niches where an end user may for example be using a less desirable domain than the one you own. It helps if you have generics eg, vs – extreme example, but it makes it easier to sell your domain to put yourself in a position like this. The main points of contact are email, phone & in person. I find that sending custom emails non spam are easiest to get word out. Next is phone, to try & connect with your buyers. In person tends to work best if the contact doesn’t have a web presence yet. I have a system that is semi manual & semi automated. I understand what you mean about 10% of the price in mind. Just hold off and reject these offers in a professional manner. The right buyer will come sooner or later. A bit sooner if you start promoting your names. I am currently parking my domains to a custom for sale lander I created on a parking type system. Every once in a while, someone will checkout & purchase one of my parked for sale domains.


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