A Realtime Domain Casino and Lotto Type Domain Games

Bridging domaining with the word: FUN again – has become the hardest task I have yet to beat.

I remeber my first days of drop catching used to be really FUN! What happened to those days? They seem lost in the chaos going on around us non-stop! As an insight to domainers, I declare we start the first ever public domain name casino! Not for fast cash, but winner takes a prize.

You may think – wait, did this guy just say: casino? NO, sorry I’m thinking more along the lines of PRIZES & It can become a ritual daily, weekly or monthly prize giveaway for domainers who participate in scheduled games for Prizes. The winner takes the prize. Perfect examples are: the winner of a hold ‘em tournament wins a LLL.com, 2nd place chip leader gets a poor LLL.com or a lesser grade domain, 3rd place basically gets a pat on the back for helping out eliminate the other hold ‘em players :P etc.. You get the picture.

In the past, I developed flash apps for lotto users & feel that instant gratification domainers need a pat on the back from our normal working habits. I miss the days when scouring the domain forums for the best deals was really FUN! I miss how I could pull the wool over a seller or buyer’s eyes. Well not really trick, but I mean consolidate nice deals in a friendly atmosphere.

I would tend to say that the auctions, drops & blogs are getting a bit overwhelming & it would be nice to simply mingle in a domain casino type lounge with your domaining buddies while playing a legit game of whatever.

In an effort, I have designed these mocks as illustration of what I had in mind:

Here’s a working lotto numbers generator that would work to dish out expiring domain name lists:


This can easily aggregate drop lists based on delimiters you can set within the game. If you’re into lotto numbers – give it a try & see what happens. The engine is ready and will help your odds.

Here’s a visual representation of what a domain name casino could look like:


I admit that the visual can be a bit aggressive, but I believe the instant gratification users may feel will make this or something similar the next domaining “idea”.

Have fun chasing drops!

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  • Dutch Boyd says:

    Count me in! :)

    Happy birthday man. Do you think you could hop on skype when you get a chance? I want to buy your desktop dropcatcher and had some questions.



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