I am chasing a small handfull of drops tomorrow

Well, I managed to narrow down my list of drop catching to a feasible amount. I originally had collected a lot of domains to chase, but filtered out all the garbage to this list:


Nothing special & I’m not particular about: transferred.us as the US extension has been stinking in my opinion lately. Also Mixeurs.com, the chance of making it big would require a lot of non-usa traffic & the small traffic from the US, probably won’t help someone with a “mixer” of some sort.

Just sharing my list, I won’t get mad if you manage to hand reg some, but at least give me some credit. I always go into drop catching thinking I ain’t gonna get Jack. A lot of the time, I do catch stuff, store it & then a buyer comes along.

It’s a beautiful feeling to connect with the right end user & supply what their online business thrives – which is usually the right domain. For what they’re trying to do & you helped them out.

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