IDN Domain Drops Are Catching On & Monetizing

It’s a new breed of domaining, IDN drop catching & collecting. Is there money in IDN’s? Heck yeah! It’s just like re-living the good old .com ASCII domain drop days.

Who says everyone MUST type into their browser & visit a domain in ASCII that looks like:

If English is not your native language – then why would you be inclined to type things like “” only it your browser? Fact is that the world is enormous with all kinds of web surfers from all parts of the world. Yeah, I may be leaking info out – but there are great, awesome & profitable IDN’s that monetize well. People actually type or get translated & directed to an IDN domain which lights up their browser. Either way, they will sooner or later reach an IDN domain – that translates to their language.

For those of you who are new to the term, an IDN domain stands for Internationalized domain. It is not understandable in ASCII – english letters. IDN’s are in PUNY CODE translations to ASCII.

Puny code domains resemble english text like this (from tomorrow’s drop list):


IDN’s always start with “XN–” each domain can actually mean creative things in various languages. I just plucked out the first 10 or so to drop in that order tomorrow. It gives you an understanding of what an IDN is.

I took a visit by Verisign since they have a very useful IDN Conversion Tool. However it lacks the dictionary translation lists.

I am not claiming to be an expert on this topic by any means. Just reporting the success various users are achieving with IDN domain drop catching & my software. It must mean something good.

Various ways you can find buyers for your IDN’s include:

1.) Forums (reseller market)
2.) End User Contact (putting the domain to use)
3.) It’s just that good & seeked for (lucky you for finding the gem)
4.) Others in the game may contact you who were also chasing that IDN.

Please do your research. I have not gotten involved with IDN’s much myself. I wish I had the time to translate each drop into various language codes. Maybe I will soon, you never know. I will report what I catch & flip if I join the fun.

PS – I may have gotten the terms messed up & etc.. If so, sorry – again I am not an expert IDN drop catcher.

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