How Did YOU Become A Drop Catcher?

This is how I became an expiring domains drop catcher:

I got into domaining around 3-4 years ago. I admit it was mostly allowing myself to become naive & simply buy domains for the heck of it. Things that sounded good. I was a n00b who was buying domains @ yahoo domains & 1&1. Whatever steered the best bargains I guess are the focal point of your journey when you start domaining.

One night, I was feeling lucky & I This was back in 2003 or so and real estate was booming! I was asked to develop and at that time I developed websites & scripts.

Everything was honky dory! Yee haa! I was making hundreds a month through a do it yourself parking script, some proper keywords, usefule content & luck.

Here’s a screenshot of my adsense:

From Zero..

I picked “all time” on the report & although I owned the domain name for less than 1 year, here’s my stats:

Totals Impressions: 11,984 Clicks: 3,184 Payout: $919.25

This domain never made chump change. Then all of a sudden Google grabbed it & placed it at top. I was into one month I made $80 out of the blue in adsense. The next month $150 Month after that over $400 in adsense revenue.. Things were trucking along then.. opps wait a second.

The credit card I used to register: over at: Had been torn up. In an effort to avoid credit card bills, I tore up the credit card that was the vehicle to bringing me my adsense money. AIT Domains tried to contact me & renew my domains. The old CC info was declined 3 times. My email was: – which got it’s DNS changed to the AIT Domains holder – who let it drop to the next drop catcher.

Had I kept the CC & domain, I’d be sitting pretty right about now. Something that I’ve acknowledged is that google adsense takes care if it’s peeps in the long run for the trust.

In my story here, The adsense converted me to try & drop catch my own drop. Once in pending delete, I felt helpless, useless & *true story* I started to chase the drop from 7pm – 3am the next day thinking it would “drop” & it had dropped already – or was dropping tomorrow.

Years & knowledge helped.. lol But long story short, that’s how I became an expired domains drop catcher.

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  • Zap says:


    Is it worth trying drop catching today as there not so many good domains to catch and if they are usually are taken by the BIG ones?

  • admin says:

    Hello Zap, I would highly recommend that you drop catch expired domains. There are a lot of good domains to catch & resell for good profit.


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