Chasing Drops & I Caught 100% Of My Wish List

Today I chased 2 domains & I snagged them both! I haven’t been chasing much these past few days, but expect to kick it up a notch this week. I also wanted to put the lists at to the test & make sure the accuracy is there for all you fellow drop catchers.

So far so good. The domains I was chasing were: &

I didn’t do any research on these & simply eye balled them out from the dnmeter list. I thought oh cool, Snuffies can be a brandable domain. First came to mind that this name qualifies as a brandable for a product or establishment. So I added it to my drop catcher. I like Afflick and thought of Surname. Not like Ben Affleck – no typo intended – but last names are hard to grab. Perhaps the spelling Afflick isn’t as popular, but I added it anyways.

I didn’t think I stood much of a chance. I noted the drop times. Snuffies was dropping around 1:41pm & Afflick around 2:16pm. So I waited & watched. Sure enough 1:42pm rolls by & I get the Dynadot email that the order has finished & I now own

I waited over 30 minutes & decided to also hand chase As it’s drop time was getting closer, so were my refresh intervals. Finally around 2:22pm, the domain dropped. I tried regging it by hand, but got beat. I thought for sure GoDaddy or Snap grabbed it, but to my surprise, my own Dynadot API I was running on the side caught it for me.

So It was a good day drop catching for me. I hope yours was too.

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  • perchboy says:

    Sincere congratulations on getting the names you targeted. Anyone who has a list of domains they want can identify with your glee.

    Specific to the two names you mentioned, Snuffies and Afflick:

    Perhaps I’m a bit out of the loop, but is there much of a market for brandable names these days?

    Best wishes-

  • Cool Springs says:

    “Snuffies” to me is brandable for one of three things. Either some type of fabric softener sheet, a swiffer duster like dust bunny catcher or an assisted suicide clinic that snuffs people.

  • Stephen says:

    Congratulations, you must be pleased that you got them without having to use the services like snapnames etc. The Dynadot API is that something you did yourself or a service provided by Dynadot?



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