A Win/Win Alternative To Sell Your Domain Names

As many of my blog readers know, I launched a realtime domain auction platform that rocked everyone’s socks off. The platform started off as: DNKO. DNKO.COM meant it’s time to fight for a domain & the last one standing that didn’t get knocked out – got the domain. This was spread over 60 seconds.

Let’s try to cram over a hundred users into a single domain auction event & see who wins or chats the loudest.

Since then, the platform has evolved. It has found a new home at Epik.com. You can visit the link here: http://auctions.epik.com While Epik is a newer commodity to the domain industry, I feel my auction technology landed in a good hands to not only auction your domains DNKO style, but also help you park & develop your domains. Epik is really shooting to be every domainer’s “best friend”.

Since my development of DNKO, Epik decided to twist things up & instead of a “knockout theme” they are proactively collaborating with me and approaching auctions with a more subtle movement. Instead of forcing you to liquidate all the domains in your portfolio, why not take it easy? If you have a good domain for sale, the buyers will come. If there are bidders, the 60 second technology timer reset is ready to draw it out until it’s over.

I am compelled to find another service that offers the same – cross compatible across any browser without any downloads or slow meltdowns. Thus far, it is free to submit your domains & rest assured that your domains submissions will get noticed & traffic! Who knows, you may even sell a bunch of your domains for more than you thought they’re worth.

This blog post was mainly to update my followers about DNKO & the Epik acquisition. I am still pro-actively developing the Epik domain auction and feel the team is great at – Epik. If you have any suggestions or gripes with the auction technology, let myself or Rob Monster from epik know. We can’t make this possible without your domaining help & feedback.

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  • Auctionwatcher says:

    It’s a great concept and glad to hear you’re still working on it pro-actively. The initial auction under Epik seemed very promising and I’ve been keeping an eye on things ever since. However, after the last scheduled 60 second auction, I’m a bit puzzled as to why the domains listed now have on-going (standard) auctions with x days x hours left rather a specific auction day for the lot? Will you return to your original format?

    Anyway, keep up the fine work and best of luck!

  • Might be unloading some domains on there ;).

  • admin says:

    Auctionwatcher, The old format still lives within the auction. We anticipate special events & private auctions on the way soon. The ongoing standard auctions are meant to accommodate everyone’s schedule & time zone differences. Multiple auctions can run at the same time as well.

    Thanks for the interest & I’ll make sure to keep everyone updated on the progress.


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