What can the really BIG *next* domaining “thing” be?

I often wonder about what the next “big” domaining thing to hit all the forums & the nicks & crannies to influence domainers to the bone.

A few stats show that Estibot was a great sucess & influenced by the domain forums. Others include Dot Sauce & a long trail of the next new thing – that happened. But when you wake up tomorrow, what will really be grooving the domain world?

In the end, I think the mixture of things that works is that luck, then your content. Either you are given a gift to make a ton of loot or you’re not in this domaining world. I like to compare it to Dynadot “Bulk” accounts (in domaining terms). Either you were handed a good bulk pricing API account or you werent. Some seemed to catch the best domains & other bulk accts I had to use to “hand reg domains” to make up for the $500 loss.

Whatever happens next in our industry is gonna be cool & wicked. Best part is we are creating it as we live it. We’re so adaptive that it’s our benefit for the doamining market. One of my friends compares domaining to the stock market. Revenues are being created, disposed & re-captured through domain names.

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