Using the Expron ENOM Drop Catcher Tool To Catch ccTld drops.

Ok, so this post is a bit to brag about the enom drop catching tool I made.. lol.

But it is true, that you can use it to drop catch ccTld’s successfully. Since most other drop catchers suffer difficulties trying to remember when the drops happen & worse off, rely on other domainers for their drop lists :S.

The following method can help you catch an expiring CCTld right into your enom account.


CCTLD’s do not have query restrictions “yet” on the amount of queries you can send off. So using multiple instances of my software along with your sorted expring domain lists will be a great success!

Have fun chasing CCTLD’s. It’s the new wave of the future & premium drop catching.

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  • Dudewtf says:

    Does this tool detect ALL the cctld domains that are about to expire or just the popular ones, like .us .au .in?

  • admin says:

    Dudewtf, You can get a better idea of what the tool detects here:

    Click on the CCTLD’s tab & checkout the drop down menu for your TLD selection. This is still in the works, but coming together quickly! All popular domain extensions will be covered & searchable.


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