My Drop Catching Wish List for Today

I am going to chase 3 domain names today. It’s pretty stupid for me to chase these as I know for a fact they have been backordered. The domains I will be going after are 3 Letter .US drops. I’ve made my list & will shortly be going after these domains:

All 3 are in pending delete & will be dropping in around 35 minutes.

Wish me luck, but I really doubt that I will be able to catch any of these drops. If I do manage to even catch one, I will be a happy camper & it will make my weekend!

However, the sun is bound to shine on

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  • Tim says:

    How do you know what time a name drops from Moniker?

  • admin says:

    Hi Tim,

    Moniker drops it’s names at the same time as the other registrars. This happens daily at 1pm CST & it takes about 2 hours for the drops to finish.

    During this two hour window, Moniker & all domain registries drop their domains & they become available to the general public for registration again.


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