Fulltime Job Equals Fulltime Duties

Hey everyone,

I wanted to give everyone a heads up. As my friends know, I work fulltime at a public high school. This domaining stuff is a hobby – on the side gig. Sometimes my fulltime job supports my domaining expenses & acquisitons. Other times, the money I make from domaining makes me want to quit my job & do this fulltime. Can you imagine that :)

Anyways – the school season in Chicago IL, is getting ready to start the 09 – 2010 school year. My job is to program every computer we support. I setup, configure and maintain all the software that gets loaded on every piece of equipment. In the summer, I have to load up the software on over 1,000 computers. Yes, this means having to “touch” everything & configure it with the new stuff.

I love my job & I learn so much everyday. Now is my time to shine & I will be crazy busy for the next 30 days. After the wave hits, things will go back to normal. So my blog counts may decrease, or increase. It’s really a coin toss as to how things go. Hopefully everything will go smooth as it has been a great summer thus far.

Just thought I’d share with you some more info about “Me” incase you were wondering what I do all day etc..

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