Drop Catching Aftermath For Today.

I was drop chasing these pending delete domains today:


As you can imagine, the best ones were taken by backorders. I did however catch 3 of the drops. Here’s what I grabbed:


These will be warehoused & auctioned off at DNKO at a later date. I am not dissapointed with what I was able to catch. I admit there were others I liked, but I wanted to see what I could grab without being greedy about it.

Drop catching is a funny business. It’s about 1% in your drop lists & list order & 99% luck. You never know what you can or can’t land until you try.

What suprises me is that I made an upgrade to my Dynadot API drop catcher. It basically scooped up all the domains I caught into one account. I have high hopes for the upgrade I made & I will be investing in more Dynadot bulk accounts.

This is one of the first times I have succeeded at capturing dictionary word .net’s. I also noticed that the domain: conceptualist.net was also caught at Dynadot.com Perhaps with my own drop catcher script that I sell. This is encouraging news for me to increase the quality level of what I chase & what I can grab.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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