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Drop Catcher Software Sales Is Sky Rocketing…

Thanks to everyone. I am really pleased to announce that drop catching software sales have been sky rocketing. I really owe it to word of mouth & in part to this blog. From my point of view, it’s really cool that I can develop tools that you find useful & make you money. While snapnames […]

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Had To Disable Some Of My Domaining Websites

Sorry folks, As some of you may have noticed, I had to disable some of my domaining websites. The favorites to go down were: & The time & effort to develop these tools became exhaustive. The last somewhat “nice remark” I received about DNMeter was: that it was 30 minutes “off” – I […]

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Coming Out Of The Wood Work.. Back To Drop Catching

Wow, I am just amazed at how this blog of mine keeps reminding me.. Hey Dan, you have to update me.. lol. Hey, but you can’t say I didn’t warn ya Things have been busy at my fulltime job. They require a domainer to step back from domaining & give them undivided attention. The payback […]

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