How to flip your domain names into cash

I like to give some insight to a few friends dabbling here and there about the effective ways to make money with your domain names. How somethings work & others don’t. Naturally, you need a chemistry for what your gut feeling tells you & what you can do with it.

So first things off. Let’s assume you have some domains ready you’d like to sell. The price you want may or not be what you expect will come out of it. Keep in mind:

1.) If you set your price too high, any potential buyers will run away from your portfolio like no tomorrow – possibly memorizing domains they may have purchased. All it takes is one mistake and you can blow your deal.

2.) If you set your price too low, You will lose money on the table. A lot of money to be exact. I have done so myself. What I thought and sold was a $1,500 domain ended up being a $7,000+ domain.

3.) Try not to “broker” domains for others to make your “flip” money. It usually ends up being a huge waste of time. Plus you always have to deal with the owner reaching out to the buyer behind your back & making ties.

4.) Time is money & domains are money. Put the two together. When I first started flipping domains, I was farting around with my approach. I was very shy to make a move & supply the domains the end users needed. If you are flipping domains, remember that every second of the day, minute & hour mean it’s time to flip names.

5.) Approach the right people. Shuffle through old whois records found here.  Furthermore, contact the right person. An old whois record could reveal a more promising contact within the same company & with the proper authority to purchase your domain. Especially holds weight if it’s an aged domain. The email: could have very easily been changed to: Mike Peterson could be the person who still works at your prospect buyer’s company & seal the deal.

Go with your intuition. If it “sounds right” pursue it. There are many points of view on the proper approach – but I think the payout is well worth it. You can realistically convert a $10 domain into possibly thousands. Why not? If it works, sell it. The domaining world bears no true laws or rules of what you can or can’t get. Many try to pioneer it beginning with Frank Schilling & truckloads of followers. Frank among many others began by building a solid portfolio and more portfolios around his money makers today. He hand regged many gems back in the day and like a spider spun his web blogging about his portfolios around the internet.

Domain flipping takes time to master. Like Frank, sometimes 10+ years. You will need to weigh out pros and cons. Set a realistic mind and goals. With the proper attitude and tone, there is no reason why you can’t flip $10 domains into $300.  It will take time to master, but the payout is worth it. Don’t lose faith. Do not give up. If you keep working at it, you will get better.

The internet is expanding and grabbing more attention. The domains you own are your money makers to flipping good profits.

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