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NameJet Domain Backorders Don’t Make Sense To Me

Lately, I have been looking to backorder sites in hopes of securing domain names that I want to backorder. One of the sites I visit most are & I have to admit that most of the backordered domain names make absolutely no sense to me.  It must be that I am used to cherry picking […]

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Drop Catching Software & Successful API’s

As most of the readers of my blog  know, I offer expired domains drop catching software. I recently have been getting good feedback about certain API’s that seem to be outperforming others. For instance, lately, the API seems to be catching a lot of domains for my customers. It’s great that the namesilo registrar […]

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It’s not often that I notice a pending delete domain that reminds me of the past. However, upon scanning tomorrow’s drop list of pending delete domains I noticed that the domain hit pending delete and will be deleted from the central registry. Tomorrow the domain will expire and become available for registration to anyone. […]

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I am proud to offer a new service I have brewed up. The website: WindycityNames is in beta which offers a full list of domains that are in pending delete with stats and a backorder service. You simply pick the domains you’d like to backorder & click the add to cart button. Once payment has processed, […]

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NameSilo API Drop Catching Software

I am proud to announce that there is new software available for drop catching expired domains into your account. Michael Goldfarb from namesilo has been very helpful in making this software possible for customers who’s like to drop catch expiring .com & .net domains. The software is really easy to use & entails simply […]

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Monitoring Pending Delete Domains For Who Got What

I am looking to scale and expand my personal drop catching strategy. For a while, I was laying low & working on selling my current inventory instead of adding to it. I like to warehouse domains & have stock available. Sometimes a domain buyer will specialize in a niche & I happen to upsell an […]

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New Drop Catching Technology Tools Right Around The Corner

New drop catching tools will soon make their way to We have a lot in store to focus on getting more drop catching users engaged with expired domain drop catching API’s and registrars of all kinds. The software is easy to use, backed by years of experience and allows you to schedule your drop […]

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Misconception about expiring domains and previous registrar status

Lately this has come up often and is a rumor that has plagued domainers. There has been a misconception floating around that pending delete domains that are expiring – can become captured at a higher rate by the dropping registrar. The rumor is that the dropping registrar somehow holds a super power  over the domain […]

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Noticing Better Quality In Pending Delete Domains!

I haven’t blogged about expiring domains in a while because there hasn’t been much that’s caught my eye. I have been scanning the drop lists, but nothing’s really popped out at me. Or the quantity of quality domains I spotted seemed to vary between 0-2 a day. It must be my screening methods, but tonight […]

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Fabulous API Drop Catcher Software Now Available

Hello, I have been working with a few beta testers who have been testing drop catching software for the API. The Fab API is XML based & easy to use. The software I wrote is available at for purchase & immediate download. The software works on any windows based computer from windows 95 […]

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