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DIY Expired Domain Drop Catching Beats The Auctions – Heavy Hitter Stand Alone Registrars

DIY (Do It Yourself) expired domain drop catching has always been my Forte. Today, I received news that  a user has beat a backorder on the same domain he backordered on the Pheenix platform. He basically used an API with Dynadot and won the domain directly into his account avoiding the auction process and […]

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Interesting Domain Drops Happening Lately

This post is to highlight some domain drops that are occurring and are happening under the radar. Who would have thought that’s drop or’s drop and no one has historical data as to what dropped when and who caught what. In my opinion, these domains hold value and I wish there was more alertness as […]

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Listen To Your Gut Instinct When Chasing Expired Domain Names

Often times people will chase expiring (Pending Delete) domain names on a whim. I think the lists at namejet & the like have conditioned fellow drop catchers to think that some domains may be valuable or attract a certain level of attention. I’m not one to favor drop catching a domain just because it attracts […]

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Backordering Domain Names Is A Simple Game Of Math – Do You Get It?

As most of you know, I have been an avid pending delete (expired) domains drop catcher for several years now. I have been really successful in what I do & the net profits have never been better. Each day, things get better for me. Why? I guess it’s because I simply never give up. I […]

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PendingDelete – Expired Domain Drop Catching – Right on Your Mobile Devices

Hello Everyone, I am proud to offer a new series of drop catching software. This software is mobile app ready & will run from your iPad, iPhone, iTouch or Android devices. The software works just like the DropKing software works, but is first in it’s class to work on an iPad or any mobile device. […]

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INTERNET.BS Drop Catching Software Now Available

I am proud to offer drop catching software for the registrar API. This software seems to be really fast at hitting’ API and securing expiring domain names on your behalf. has a really good api system which hits the central registry at a good rate. In my testing, I was able to […]

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Reseller Club – Directi API Drop Catching Software

Directi ( offers a powerful drop catching API. This API is good for catching expiring domain names into your resellerclub account. The pricing is reasonable and the API is capable of sending up to 100 calls every minute. The calls are usually to register domain names during the drop window. Directi allows a maximum of […]

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Dynadot API – More Spending Means More Registry Connections

  Dynadot is one of the more popular registrars that offers an API for registering domain names. Domainers have been using Dynadot as their preferred registrar while drop catching expired domains via the API. Beginning this year in January 2012, Dynadot decided to open up it’s API to all users.  Before 2012, users were required […]

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RRPProxy API – Drop Catching Software

Hello, I am writing to let readers know about drop catching software available for the website. Their API is robust in catching .com & .net domains, but it also offers a wide array of API functions for catching other domain extensions.  The API system is easy to use & instantly registers domain names into […]

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I am proud to offer a new service I have brewed up. The website: WindycityNames is in beta which offers a full list of domains that are in pending delete with stats and a backorder service. You simply pick the domains you’d like to backorder & click the add to cart button. Once payment has processed, […]

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