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Expired Domain Catching/Warehousing – My Practices And Advice

I am a domain name investor and keep a warehouse of domain names available for purchase. In this article, I’d like to go over my experiences and methods I use to keep my inventory manageable and consistent to attract buyers. Most of this experience will date back to a few years, in the past I […]

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How To Go About Pooling Investors For A New Profitable Business?

Hello Everyone, I am writing to see how I would go about finding domaining related investors who may want to invest money in a profitable domain related idea. Usually I am flying solo in the domain arena, but lately I have been working on a master scale plan. The plan is very unique and hasn’t […]

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Personal Story – Flipping Expired Domains Into Big Profits

This is about my personal experience with catching expired domains & flipping them for good profits. You may ask, what are good profits.. Well on average when I pickup a domain at regfee of $8 USD +- and flip it to cover a portfolio of 100 domain names, I consider that a good flip. Then […]

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