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What Do You Remember Better – Your First Car – Or Your First Domain Name?

This post is to tickle domainer’s interest in what they (we) prioritized & remembered most in life. In my case, I remember both. The first car I owned & the first domain name I owned. When I turned 16 years old, in the USA, it was common to buy your first car after completing your […]

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Develop Your Domains Into Websites – What Are You Waiting For?

In my opinion, the best domains are being held hostage by domain investors that don’t know how to develop a website. Developing a website and working it with conversion rate optimization services would get your website ranking higher up.  This post should shed some light on what you can do with your domains & convert […]

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Domain Tasting – Not Happening Anymore? Not!!, This is cool

Ok, I happen to have stumbled upon some old records & I tried to do a comparison domain tasting stats. Today, after checking out:, I am finding more domaining patterns as I like to call them. I for the past years have been seeing surges, spikes & trends following domain names. Today, I was […]

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