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GoDaddy Discount Codes – Instant Coupon Savings

I often have renewals, hosting, backorders or domain purchases at GoDaddy. When the time comes, I usually visit domain forums and search the web to find a coupon code to use.  I had some GoDaddy renewals coming up and have been collecting various coupon codes I’d like to share with readers of my blog. Most of these codes came from the Namepros forum thread for godaddy codes:

FLOCK299 – $2.99 .com registrations
GETORG599 – $5.99 .org registrations
GDBB776 – $8.67 .com and .org – maybe more
FB30TLD – 40% off your purchase
GDX912A – 32% off your purchase
EMFB7 – $7.67 .net & .org registrations
GDBBA776 – $3.19 privacy
GDX347DE – 35% off .tv & other purchases
PAINT599 – $5.99 .com registrations (First 1,000 redemptions)
WORLDWIN – $5.00 .com registrations
LKSWDD495 – $4.95 .com registrations
FB30TLD – 30% off your purchase
GDA547 – $7.68 .net & $8.67 .com
GFNF4ID03 – $4.95 .com registrations
EMFB7 – .net registrations
BACON3 – unknown discount

Hope these codes can save you some money on your GoDaddy purchases! Let me know if any codes have expired & I will edit this post.

Dynadot API – More Spending Means More Registry Connections


Dynadot LLC

Dynadot API Connections

Dynadot is one of the more popular registrars that offers an API for registering domain names. Domainers have been using Dynadot as their preferred registrar while drop catching expired domains via the API. Beginning this year in January 2012, Dynadot decided to open up it’s API to all users.  Before 2012, users were required to spend $500 USD yearly to qualify for a bulk account that allowed API access. As of January, all users received access to using the API & the $500 yearly still qualified your account as bulk – but only offers bulk pricing on each domain registration’s price.

Since the API has been opened up to all users, Dynadot has implemented API connection restrictions based on each member’s spending. This means that users who spend more, receive more live connections to the central registry (Verisign) which secures more connections for drop catching expired domain names.

The general feedback from domainers is that Dynadot no longer offers a suitable API for their drop catching needs. I often get emails about the Dynadot software that users often see the API return a: “System_Busy” error. Sometimes this is all they see in the drop catching activity log. Some people have given up on the API completely and moved on to drop catch names at Moniker or other registrars offering an API.

While Dynadot’s API is currently over subscribed, they are working on obtaining more registry connections for drop catching expired domains. According to Dynadot’s president: Todd Hann, additional registrar connections are on the way soon. So don’t lose hope on using this API for your drop catching needs. As soon as more connections are made available, drop catching should pick up for domainers who utilize this API.

So what happens now for users who have pre-funded their Dynadot accounts & still want to catch expired domains? After some digging around, I found this information from Dynadot’s support team. This basically covers how Dynadot’s API works & what you can expect from your spending and what to expect to catch using their API.

This table describes an example if six customers were accessing Dynadot’s API at the same time – based on their yearly spending habits. Notice that the live registry / API connections Dynadot is allowed are linear with each member’s yearly spending:’s Spending API Access Scale
Your Account Spending Per Year Allocated API Connections
$5,000 5,000
$2,000 2,000
$1,000 1,000
$500 500
$100 100
$1 1
$0 0

I do get good emails from users who are sucessfully catching domains with Dynadot & their secret is to keep adding funds to their accounts on a daily basis. These drop catchers are throwing in $20-$40 daily & successfully catching approx 2-4 domains a day. Therefore securing more connections to the central registry for drop catching domains they desire. This in fact keeps adding connections to the user’s account from the pool.

I feel a lot of domainers have lost hope in Dynadot’s API, but you shouldn’t. If you look at the whole picture and invest on a daily basis, you will find that the Dynadot API can be a useful tool you can depend on for your daily drop catching activity.

If you have any questions or want to get involved in catching expired domains with Dynadot’s API, you can contact me at any time or checkout the tools for sale at DropKing. I’m more than happy to help with anything I can to make your drop catching experience successful.

Happy Domaining!!

End User Communication Tactics I Use & That Work For Me

As promised before, I would like to share with readers of my blog what end user tactics I use on a daily basis for contacting people to do a domain purchase. The emails I send, the phone dialog and the motivation I have to find key points in securing a domain name sale. I am not a broker & I only push the domains I own for sale at this time. In the near future, I will be posting a thread about buying your domains for cash & perhaps there will be broker opportunities opening up soon. All I know is that this selling system I have built works well for me. So don’t lose hope & with a little elbow grease, you can be on your way to making a bit of cash from your domain names you’d like to sell.

*First off – please note that I have made my best domain sales from my whois info & placing my domains for sale at Sedo and forums.

I like to determine if domains I own / offer for sale are of good Quality & caliber to attract a sale. Usually if a domain makes sense to me, it will also mean a lot to a buyer. I like to cover all grounds. but sometimes I have been surprised to have an offer on my domain via my whois listed email. For this reason, I would recommend that you list your contact info in your whois & stay away from privacy. I get a lot more sales from direct navigation & my whois email. This usually leads to a nice sale if the domain is of good quality & an end user absolutly has to own it.

When I acquire a domain name, I have this simple system setup:

  • Stage 1 – Domain is acquired via backorder or private sale. (94 – 120 day wait). Park at SEDO with a BIN price set.
  • Stage 2 – Domain is matured over 4 months time & escalated to email promotion.
  • Stage 3 – Domain is matured to over 8 months time & escalated to phone & email promotion
  • Stage 4 – Domain is dropped if it cannot become sold.

I like to hand write all of my personalized emails & make them each very unique. After research I find a lot to write about a business. I try to connect as best as I can with my potential buyer. I try to understand a little more about their business & condition my talk & email appropriately. I don’t try to get to attached to a particular sale until I see the money transferred & paid. I like to float among a middle ground that the sale can mature into a transfer for both parties or it can be a dream which never materializes.

I think your pricing structure will have a lot to do this.. If your pricing per domain seems fair & just – you will secure a sale. If you are a dreamer expecting a huge price tag, you can expect less inquiries about your domain name for sale. You can also assume that people will not take you too serious. If your price is set to what an end user may expect to pay, then you’re aligning yourself better for an instant sale.

Here’s my example email that seems to motivate a buyer to at least inquire back with a yes, possible or no response for over 10% of my delivery count.

Hello [Decision Maker],

I am writing to see if you may be interested in purchasing the website url: [MYDOMAIN]. [MY DOMAIN] can be an easy way for you to attract more customers and make your business more visible. [MY DOMAIN] is an easy to remember website that you can develop or direct visitors to your main website: [YOUR DOMAIN].

The asking price for [MY DOMAIN] is only [$PRICE]. I encourage you to take advantage of this offer and instantly put this website url to work for you. You will benefit from new customers that will find your business on the internet by using search engines & direct navigation.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss this further. This is a one time email & you will not receive any other emails, so there is no need to unsubscribe from a mailing list. I found your website from a Google search & decided to contact you about this great offer.


I like to also follow a similar dialog when contacting end users via the phone. Here’s a list of questions I ask directly & apply my general knowledge of sales & customer service.

Phone call dialect:

Hello Mr/Mrs/Miss FNames LName

I am calling to let you know that the domain name / website URL: [MY DOMAIN] is for sale. We are offering this premium / liquidated / on sale domain at the price of only: [$PRICE]. I recommend you use this domain name for:

  • More visibility to your customers
  • A better grip against your competiors using the same keywords for one domain.
  • Checkout cart & supllier to buyer interaction using technologies at hand

So you can basically talk to an end user buyer or company to buy into your domain & offer more simplicity for certain terms the company uses.

So far we’ve gone over tacticts to sell domains, and etc, but it will really boil down to these two items:

1.) Hang on the phone or via emails until you secure payment etc for the domain. This is the best way to secure a sale.

2.) If the sale seems to be falling through, Get a call back number or avenue to communicate further with the customer.

I cannot express enough about hanging on the phone during the full checkout / buying process.

That’s all I have for tonight on selling domains, I hope to add more posts about this subject soon. I have a lot of experience to offer on the subject & helping you sell major domains fast. Comments are open, add what works for you in your domain selling process.

Happy Domaining!

RRPProxy API – Drop Catching Software



Hello, I am writing to let readers know about drop catching software available for the website. Their API is robust in catching .com & .net domains, but it also offers a wide array of API functions for catching other domain extensions.  The API system is easy to use & instantly registers domain names into your account. As most of you may know, rrpproxy is a reseller to the KEY SYSTEMS GMBH   registrar based out of Germany. Key Systems operates multiple registrars or sister chain companies to manage your domains from. More & more, I notice Key Systems is grabbing domains sought after during the drop window. I have faith that this registrar is proving itself to be a successful drop catcher for exotic & worldwide country code domain names that are expiring.

There are no prefunded amount requirements & it is free to open up an account at Some of the exotic TLD’s they support for drop catching are:

  • .EU – European Domain Names
  • .MX – Mexico Domain TLD
  • .RU – Russian Domain Extension
  • .CN – China Domain Extension
  • .ES – Spanish Domain Extension
  • .AERO – Air-Transport / Aviation Industry
  • .ASIA – Pan Asia & Asia Pacific Internet Community
  • .BIZ – Business Purposes
  • .INFO – Information Related
  • .JOBS – Human Resource
  • .MOBI – Mobile Products And services
  • .NAME – For Individuals
  • .ORG – Non-Commercial or Charity Projects
  • .PRO – Professionals & Accredited Entities
  • .TEL – Contact Data Directly Via DNS
  • .TRAVEL – Operators Of Travel & The Tourism Industry
  • .XXX – Global Adult Industry
  • .DE – Official Country Code Of Germany
  • .FR – Official Country Code Of France

The list goes on & on.. There are various options to secure Country Code TLD’s via’s API. I invite you to explore RRProxy in securing TLD, ccTLD & gTLD Domains,

Moniker’s API – Drop Catching With Impressive Feedback

As time goes on, I am finding more & more that the Moniker API system is one built for the long haul. I have been using Moniker’s API since 2006 to drop catch expiring domains.  The thing that surprises me the most is that to this day, the Moniker API keeps doing well. Users are reporting significant daily drop catching progress in which Moniker’s API keeps beating up their competition.

Users are providing feedback that Moniker keeps catching names for them. It seems like Moniker every once in a while can beat namejet & other backorders like: & the like. It’s nice to see that average domainers can backorder at these sites & still pay only regfee of $8 or so a domain.

Other registrars like Dynadot, Fabulous & etc also have powerful API’s, but they can only target one domain at a time. This where Moniker beats them since it can instantly register up to 100 domains per second in a blink of your eyes. I will be leaning more towards developing more drop catching tools for Moniker & share the tools to readers of this blog.

You can always find the latest developments in my drop catching technology at: – where I will update the site as more tools become available for drop catchers who seek to catch pending delete domain names on the drop.

keep up the good work Moniker!! I hope to catch more domains with your API in the near future.

How To Inspire Passion Into Your Online Brands & Web Presence

Domainers who build out their domain portfolio will often find that their ideas are great, but they lack what they need to build out their domains into websites.  In this post, I’d like to point out things that help me keep focused and drive passion into my domains making them a reality. I hope you can take this advice & apply it to your domain(s) and make brands that become profitable & you see complete from start to finish.

First off – an online brand (website) begins with an idea / dream. Try to take notes on your idea & imagine what the online brand will look like as a finished product. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the purpose of my online Brand? Will I profit from the brand & is the market saturated in this field?
  • How will the brand become alive? Will I need to hire a designer or a programmer?
  • How much capital is required to launch the brand & will it turn profits soon? If not, how long before I see profits?
  • Do you really have the time & dedication to launch the brand & afterwards hold it’s hand as it matures?
  • What if your brand becomes a success? Do you have the resources to support your customers?
  • Is your idea fleshed out? Or do you need to work on getting it more ready before launch?

It’s an enjoyable feeling to see an idea become a reality. The main issue usually comes with money & the dedication you put in. I try to launch one brand at a time as to not overwhelm myself & I see that works for me. If you have a passion for your brand, it will outshine & your users / customers will notice. Often times a lot of ideas are started & later abandoned. I notice this happens mostly because of funding or simple lose of interest. You may become overwhelmed at first building out your idea to find yourself sick & tired of it soon. It may also be that after you build out your brand, you find there are many others doing the exact same thing you are & no way to set yourself apart.

Inspiring passion into your brand to make it successful becomes easier if you follow these simple steps:

  • Break up your ideas into manageable chunks. Take on a task or two a day – but leave room for family and or fun. Work hard, but also remember to play hard as well. Rome was not built overnight, so keeping this in mind will help that you have a set track of how things will get accomplished & completed.
  • Make your passion become known. If you have an idea & the passion for it, let it bleed out for your users to see. They will notice & these are the little things that will stick out – therefore your customers will appreciate it & return to your website.
  • KISS – Keep It Simple & Stupid. The simpler it is for your users, the better.

It makes sense to develop your domains into usable brands, but it may not be an option for everyone. If it is an option, I recommend that you put your heart & soul (passion) into your brand & develop it to the fullest. You will receive satisfaction & profits from your online developments. Domain names are conduits to build businesses & brands that can be self sufficient & profitable. I enjoy building brands out & later selling them for profit after they’ve established profits & growth. While I don’t always sell the brands I develop or brew up, I enjoy taking a blank domain & building onto it. I hope I can inspire you to do the same & add your passion to your developments. – Backorder Service For Serious Domainers

I am proud to offer a new service I have brewed up. The website: WindycityNames is in beta which offers a full list of domains that are in pending delete with stats and a backorder service. You simply pick the domains you’d like to backorder & click the add to cart button. Once payment has processed, the domains you picked will be instantly added to the queue and we will attempt to acquire them for you.

You’ll notice that the website sorts the top pending delete by these stats:

Domain Name – The domain that is expiring

Words – The words the domain contains

CPC – The cost per click the domain may receive from clicks

PR – The current Google pagerank the domain holds

SV – The monthly search volume the domain receives according to Google

EX – Count of other domain extensions taken

ADS – Number of sponsored Advertisements the domain may display

Expires – The date the domain will expire & become available

WB – The year / WayBack machine originally indexed the domain

TM – The percent of trademark risk the domain holds

Alexa – The alexa rating of the domain name

DMOZ – If the domain is listed in the DMOZ directory

The price is only $14.99 per domain & we will attempt to register the domain for you. If we can’t register the domain on your behalf, you will be issued a refund. If the domain registration is successful, then you will be charged $14.99 USD per domain successfully captured. If more than one person backorders the same domain name, then the domain will enter into an auction with $5 increments. The first backorder will be the winning bid unless if other bids are made. The bids will take place over email & the final bid in the 72 hour window will be the winner of the domain.

The domains listed on is limited to display .com & .net domain although the service is open to all domain extensions. If you’d like to backorder domains that don’t appear on the homepage or other TLD’s, please use this form: Backorder Domains

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We hope this service will soon come out of beta available to the general public for use. Your feedback is appreciated.


Domain Renewal – To Renew Or Drop – That Is The Question

Readers of my blog often ask me if it’s worth it or important to renew their domain portfolio or simply drop their domains that are coming up for renewal. As you may be aware, domain names expire and most domainers register their names for only a year. The question really comes down to if your domains are worth the renewal or not. For instance, I often see a lot of junky names getting renewed & one sale replenishes all the junky domains in the bunch or others simply dropping domains after a year if they don’t sell.

All I can offer is my first hand experience in the subject. I think that the value in a domain is in the holder’s eye & sometimes less than better domains do sell for good money. The truth is that a year comes up rather quick & doesn’t always offer the best chance to wait for a buyer to approach you or for a sale to brew up from your efforts in contacting end users. It soon becomes a waiting game that boils down to the funds you have on renewal fees & the anticipation you have for a sale to mature into cash in your pocket.

Often times I do see people renewing really bad domains year after year & there are no sales coming their way. You need to keep a good balance on domains that you feel will sell & cut the bad domains loose that don’t hold value. I like to let a simple google search determine if a domain is worth holding on to or letting go. Some long tail domains may not really be all that great or deserve a sale. What you may think is a brandable domain with good resell value may not have have a brandable customer ready to pay what you want. Like most things in life, luck plays a factor in sales & the waiting game can pay off.

The issue lies with some portfolio sizes – if you have hundreds or thousands of domains, are they all worth renewing? Some people do renew all their domains & are successful. Others drop their names after x year(s) and are also successful. In this post, I can recommend that you trust your instinct. While it may not make sense to some – to renew hundreds of domains, it may to someone else. One thing I know for a fact is that with stats, the more domains you have, the more sales you will have.

Another factor to consider when asking yourself if I should renew or drop – is if the domains are parked, how much are they making? I have a rule of thumb that if a domain covers at least it’s regfee in parking, then it is worth keeping. If a domain didn’t cover regfee with parking, then I would think twice & usually drop the domain. This system seems to prove itself profitable because if you were able to age a domain & it sells, it’s even more profit in your pockets.

I have seen first hand people hang on to a domain for ten or so years & when selling it, it becomes a good selling point in the aspect that the yearly renewal fees can be used to spike up the domain price at time of sale. So it’s not necessarily a bad thing to hang on to your domains for a long time. It’s a numbers game at the end & your instinct / domain quality is what will make your profits or drain your money into nothing.

If you have domains coming up for renewal, regardless of how many, take the time to ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the domain make sense to you? Do you feel it will sell down the road if you renew it?
  • Does the domain make money in parking or via a venue that monetizes the domain? Examples – shopping cart or development?
  • How much is the renewal fee? Should you change registrars or scrub the web for a renewal fee coupon?
  • If you hold on to the domain & say 5 years pass by, can the sale total recoup these renewal fees?
  • What is the purpose of the domain? Can you see the domain fitting a purpose or easy to remember?
  • Is the domain brandable? Or can an end user put the domain to use for personal or business use? If so, you should hold on to it.
  • I do a google search to find if there are any longer variants of my domain. Are there longer domain names in use that contain my domain name inside? If so, I would hold on to the domain because someone may want an easier to remember domain & buy mine.

I have been in the position where I dropped a domain name, later to find it sold for a lot of money & that hurts. In the same token, I have also held on to domains I thought were valuable & simply sucked up a lot of money in renewal fees without making anything parked or finding a buyer.

The best advice I can give you is to trust your gut instinct & roll with the punches. I like stats & mentioned above that the more domains you have, the more sales you will get. However, the quality of each domain will really matter. If the domains you renew are of decent quality, then expect the sales amount of each to be higher than that of lower quality domains selling for a very low amount – where your renewal fees cannot be recovered.

If you have domains coming up for renewal, you can always try to sell them at wholesale prices via various venues. I usually find that selling soon to expire domains on domain forums like namepros, digital point, flippa or sitepoint will usually work with you on buying your expiring domains & take on the renewal fees. This leaves you with the sale amount without worrying about the renewal fees the domain would have cost.


Dynadot API Software For Drop Catching .CO.UK Expiring Domains

It recently came to my attention that Dynadot’s API supports drop catching domain names. I sold a copy of the Dynadot API software last week & the customer inquired about using it for drop catching expiring domains. I emailed Dynadot’s support and learned that their API V2 supports domain registrations. I immediately wrote the software that hooks into dynadot’s api & registers domains. drop catching software

Dynadot API Software

The software works rather fast (1-2 tries per domain per second) & seems to be reliable for instantly registering a domain the second it drops. It’s easy to use & contains three additional fields that the regular (.com, .net, .org, .info, etc )dynadot drop catching software doesn’t have.

For years, domains have intrigued me. How it’s a mystery to some when these domains drop due to the limited whois lookup limits. It’s been a secret that domainers have kept to themselves to catch the best expiring domains.

In the past, I kept up with expiring domains by visiting forums such as & the like. I developed my own droplists for domains in the past, but I never really got into drop catching these domains on a regular basis. I would usually sell the droplists to others & I would perform whois lookups using proxies & hundreds of IP addresses to figure out which domains would expire daily.

The software is for sale at & I invite you to use the software if you catch domains. You’ll find it’s very easy to use & offers you a quick way to catch domains if you have access to the droplists or compile your own.

I will keep readers of my blog posted on the software & how it works. As more users purchase & use the software, providing feedback – I will make sure to keep everyone posted about the software & reported success rates.

NameSilo API Drop Catching Software

I am proud to announce that there is new software available for drop catching expired domains into your account. Michael Goldfarb from namesilo has been very helpful in making this software possible for customers who’s like to drop catch expiring .com & .net domains. The software is really easy to use & entails simply prefunding your namesilo account with funds to cover the domains you want, retrieving your namesilo API key, entering a list of expiring domains & clicking start to let the catching begin. Namesilo’s API offers something different that no other registrar offers yet. Namesilo offers you the ability to use their API using their “DropCatch” command which is geared towards catching .com & .net domains in realtime as they become available from the central registry.

The software is available via which is a website I offer drop catching software at. The speed of the namesilo API register command calls seems really fast. I will be testing the software further to see how it compares to other registrars such as Dynadot & Moniker. One thing I like is that the namesilo website is really clean cut & easy to use. It’s really simple to get your API key, set in an IP address & manage the domains you catch via the API. I am really curious to see how the namesilo dropcatch register domains command will work in realtime. It’s usually a fight to see who gets a domain drop.

I have high hopes that the namesilo API isn’t over-subscribed like other API’s. I am looking forward to using it for my own drop catching & I will be recommending it to fellow domainers.  If you have any questions about the API, I’ll be happy to answer any queries you may have. I will also be sharing more on my experience with the API & what users report.