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How To Go About Pooling Investors For A New Profitable Business?

Hello Everyone, I am writing to see how I would go about finding domaining related investors who may want to invest money in a profitable domain related idea. Usually I am flying solo in the domain arena, but lately I have been working on a master scale plan. The plan is very unique and hasn’t been discovered yet. There’s no risk involved, and I may end up getting a loan to cover the cost of the operation. I’m just curious how I would go about finding investors who would invest in this profitable idea – and would like to be proactive during the development phase & almost instantly proactive in obtaining profits back for their investment.

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This idea isn’t related to drop catching expired domain names. Instead it focuses more on the other side of the coin which entails securing sales to end users. To get to the point, it is focused around liquidating domain investor’s portfolios and putting the right domain names into the right end users at the right price to make both parties happy. The technology I am working on encompasses small, medium and large scale businesses / end users. I value domain names the same as I value real estate. The difference here is that virtual real estate has a lot of potential and margin for profit. In my calculations, it could very well double my investment in money & time within the first year & continue to double my & my investor’s investment every year as a sure fire guaranteed & legal way to make money.

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I’m in my mid thirties and have a family, so operating this business by myself isn’t ideal at this point in time. My experience  has taught me that the more involved others get with a successful idea, the more it will prosper. I lack the funding, marketing, sales and drive skills other investors or their investments may bring to the table. I also lack having the time to work on this project all by myself 24×7 to bring it all together in the time window I forsee before the cat gets out of the bag & everyone else catches on. There’s importance in being the first at a unique idea, doing it right the first time, and harnessing it’s strength to become a very profitable trailblazer in this industry. If a good idea works, others will catch on and mimic it, but the first brand to actually do it will be where everyone goes.

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The idea in itself will require a low startup fee, however there will be a time frame where we as a group will be waiting for our commission to arrive. Ideally, a good investor would be someone who holds a mediocre domain name portfolio with end user prospects. This way, we can focus more on selling our own warehouse of domains & reaping the benefits, tweaking the system and adjusting before going public as an equivalent to as most would consider – your everyday real estate / mortgage company. Once our overhead costs can be covered and the wheel starts spinning, the commission wait during the escrow process or domain push / final payment won’t be an issue. The issue I am seeing is how to get the ball rolling now and it all boils down to having capital on hand to pay for overhead costs until we’re all paid out & the funds are divided up evenly between the board of directors.

Some questions I have would be if it would be a good idea to start up a new corporation for this venture or umbrella it under my current corporation. If so, I am leary since my current corporation & drop catch strategy solutions are so profitable – I want to keep this venture separate. Does anyone have any tactics or advice I could use to find investors? How would I go about making everyone happy and operate the business as the founding owner & CEO of the operation? Would the investors obtain company stock and the company have to go public before inviting investors to divest in the business? I guess there’s a lot I need to learn – but I am on the right track as I have been doing research & a lot of businesses look to investors to make their dreams a reality. I’m sure I can get a bank loan & become profitable, but it would be nice to work with similar minded people to push & motivate each other to a goal of everyone getting a fat check for their efforts & investment.

The system I am building is perpetual and not a one time deal. I am looking to establish a brand that will be here tomorrow and provide consistency to the domain seller & buyer. It will be a pleasant experience, one that will travel through WOM (word of mouth). Some marketing may be required, but that will be to cover the awareness needed globally to fit a service no one has come up with yet & simply makes sense & is desired. The funding I am seeking will be for development, research & staff to carry on the idea to it’s fullest. Once the wheel gets rolling, there should be no stopping it as everyone will profit from the initial idea. Basically if something makes sense & it works, it will operate itself by providing a means to take the profit, re-ingest into the system and continue to spit out profits for the employees & investors / share holders.

The technology I am brewing up doesn’t use bad practices such as:

  • Emailing whois emails with end user emails
  • Bombarding emails with SPAM
  • It won’t use a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Ploy or related bad practices
  • Here today, gone tomorrow strategy – it’s long term (forever) oriented
  • Won’t scam or blind sight buyers who will have remorse. It will be the opposite where buyers will keep returning
  • Won’t make any empty promises, but instead be something that clicks and make sense to both parties

If anyone is willing to talk more about this, I am all ears. I was going to consult with other domainers and business people I know these ideas, but thought I’d post on my blog first to see what comes out of it. While I’m not promising any investor that you’ll become a millionaire overnight, there is potential in this system to make a hefty / considerable sized profit in a short period of time. I’d assume along the lines of doubling your money (initial investment) within the first year or two and let the profits snowball in for the years to come. The system I built has been very profitable for me, but I usually sell my own domains with this system. A good and average example would be that I pick up an expired domain name for approx $9.75 and the system allows me to flip it near instantly for around $200 – $599 average. It won’t work for all domain names, but other ends of the system have measuring aspects & with human interaction, we can leverage liquidating domains we own & other people’s domains for huge profits.

Let me know your thoughts & if you’d like to invest in my new system soon to be coming out. If need be, I will release it on my own, but feel like there could be more synergy if I involve other entrepreneurs who can also provide domains, funding, feedback and belief in the system. It just seems like it would be a much better ride down profit avenue if we work as a team and everyone gets a bite of the cookie here. Thanks for taking the time to read this & I look forward to working with you in the future.

SuperBowl Outage Reminds Me Of An Expired Domain Name

While the most watched event on USA television was going on today, the power went out in the middle of the event. The yearly superbowl is the most watched TV event all year & advertisers pay millions of dollars in advertising. Super Bowl XLVII This year had a power outage & advertisers made out like bandits. Half the stadium lost power during the third half & the outage lasted for 34 minutes. While the power outage went on, advertisers were eating at the bit appearing on everyone’s TV while technical difficulties were fixed.

This was the tenth super bowl to be played in New Orleans at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Beyonce performed during the halftime show & then during the third quarter half the lights went out. New Orleans had to postpone their Mardi Gras parades for the superbowl show & the average advertising price totaled to about $4 million per 30 second commercial slot.

This power outage reminds me of a domain name & when it expires, it’s lights out. While police officials say that too much power was being pumped into the 73,000 seat stadium, this caused the power outage – Auxiliary power saved the day by keeping half the stadium running with power. Engineers and Entergy New Orlean are still investigating what caused the power outage. Why does this power outage remind me of an expired domain name? Well It’s because when the lights go out on a domain name – usually the advertisers aka – sponsors make their runs & monetize off advertising & providing a need to web users. In today’s case superbowl viewers got an extra 34 minutes of advertising subliminal recommendations on products & services to buy.

As most of you know, not all super bowl ads make it to the big TV, but today’s power outage caused the TV broadcast to keep showing advertising commercials. This in turn in my opinion is like a parking page for a domain name. Once it hits the cutting block & expires, the audience needs what they seek when visiting the website & get it through parking or advertising sponsored on the expired domain name.

When a domain name expires – it’s lights out & good luck retrieving the domain back into your account. It mostly depends on your domain registry & their willingness to restore the domain name for you. Most registry’s nowadays are in the game of auctioning your domain names that expire & accept bids for your domain while you still have full control of the domain. You actually have 30-60 additional days after your domain expires & enters restorable mode to renew your domain name before it becomes completely lost & becomes PendingDelete at which point that 5 day window makes the domain become unrestorable & available to anyone at regfee.

Drop Catching Software Now Available On The iTunes / App Store For iPad & IOS Devices

App_StoreI received the news last night that Apple has accepted DropKing’s drop catching software. It’s a huge step for me because I try to stay above the curve by offering the best tools in the best ways my customers can use. This was a challenge because of the various platforms the software has been developed in. Currently the software is available for windows desktops, php / wamp servers and linux systems. Now this addition of IOS devices software means that you can catch expiring domain names on the go! You can catch expiring domain names right from your iPad, iPhone or iTouch on the go.

The more I notice, desktop computers & laptops are becoming a thing of the past. If you walk into an electronics store, you’ll notice that the laptops & desktop computer section have been transformed into areas displaying mobile devices from various manufactures competing in the market. Don’t worry, the DropKing software will become available on all versions of android devices soon. The software is being submitted to google play / Android market & should appear soon.

So what does this mean for the average domainer? Well, it means that you have more options to catch expiring domain names than before. Now you can do your drop catching anywhere. There’s no need to setup scripts or software on your home computer – you can view the results right from your mobile devices. As technology is changing, so should the drop catching technology that’s available to you. Why should you settle for less? You deserve to have as many tools possible in the competitive field of drop catching.

Now to the nitty & gritty – you may ask – how does the software work? Will it consume my mobile device’s battery power? Will it go to sleep and stop working during the drop window? Will it fail me if i’m trying to drop catch pending delete domains and on a train in the subway? Well to help you out, here’s some answers: the software will not eat up your power up. The software will not go to sleep, and will remain running. If you lose signal, it will pick right back up where it left off at.

Here’s a couple screenshots of what the software will look like on your iPad:

IOS Drop Catch Software

You can specify the domains you want to catch & run it instantly. You can also specify a start & stop time (see image below) and plan your drop catching ahead of time.


Here is an image of the software with the time selector enabled:


Drop Catching Software

Drop Catching Software

Here’s a screenshot of the drop catch software planning stage. You can select a start & end time for the activity to take place.


So how does it work? Quite simply – If you have an account at Dynadot, NameSilo, Moniker, Fabulous or – then you’re ready to go.

The domains you register with your app will appear instantly in your account if you manage to catch the expiring domains into your account during the drop window.

For those of you who are new to drop catching, the drop window occurs between 1:00PM & 2:15PM CST time. This is when you’d want to be running the software with the pending delete domains you want to buy. If luck is on your side, you will instantly secure the domains right into your account via your user credentials or API key.

Some Q&A’s I can answer now are: Will these mobile apps beat out Snapnames & NameJet – well sorry, but the answer is no. These apps will simply reflect the domain is taken & it will require a whois lookup to realize you got beat out.

However, this software is great for medium and low grade domain names. It works really well for domains you may be able to resell to end users. Let’s face it, drop catching is a FAD & while the best domains are caught by the top backorder services, there’s a lot of domains that slip through & this software would be perfect for catching.

Good luck in your drop catching & let me know if there’s anything I can do to help your drop catching become more successful. I hope these apps will make your job easier & your portfolio grow with domains you will own.

What Do You Remember Better – Your First Car – Or Your First Domain Name?

This post is to tickle domainer’s interest in what they (we) prioritized & remembered most in life. In my case, I remember both. The first car I owned & the first domain name I owned. When I turned 16 years old, in the USA, it was common to buy your first car after completing your Driver’s ED course. Since I worked for Sears, I had some money stacked up. Luckily, my high school job was to work at Sears Roebuck at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg IL while getting through high school. Woodfield Mall is the 2nd largest mall in the United States of America. Sorry domainers, but in my case I remember my first car way better than I remember my first domain name.

If you follow my blog you can see how I followed domain names mostly. Even & were available for hand reg in the early 1980’s. When I was a little kid. However, I will never forget my first car. It was the best transaction I can remember. The seller bought the car brand new from the dealer & was in a pinch to sell it. He had no intentions to sell the car except that there was a little one on the way into his family. So this became the first transaction I indulged into and so far it has the best memorable transaction that keeps me going today. If network solutions hadn’t pondered upon the high registration fees, I could have very well bought those domains &  burned through that cash in domain names instead – but the domain world was a secret which noone was allowed to peek into at that time.

The car I bought was a 1989 Mustang GT with a little less than 7,000 miles on the odometer. I purchased the car around fall of 1994. When the seller sold the car to me, he literally started shedding tears & crying. At the time, I didn’t give a rip & I just wanted to sign the title to my name. Long behold almost five years later I sold the car for around my original purchase price & had stacked up over 40,000 mile on the odometer. Along with a couple nicks, scratches & dings on the body. I’m glad my negotiation skills taught me that I was basically able to use & abuse this car and turn the same profit from the sale to equal the rice I originally paid for the car.

This strategy dwells on me for every domain name sale I make nowadays. If it’s too good to be true, I better jump on it. There is no negativity that it may be a bust. I am really lucky in my strategy & blessed that so many sales keep rolling in my favor over & over again.  To this day, I remember how I successfully flipped a car for equal of what I paid & was able to use it to my liking. I like to apply this method to the domains I catch nowadays & make my tomorrow better. So far, I am not off in what I do & recommend you follow the same strategy. What do you have to lose?

You can drop catch some domains, flip them for cost or better & put the profits in your pocket. What can be better than that? I understand that the domains that were available back in the day won’t be available today- but there’s so many diamonds in the rough that you should keep you chin up high & follow what feels good to you. Worst case scenario, you drop some drop caught domains a year later, but the experience will make you stronger & better at what you do on a daily basis.

Domaining should be fun, like it is for me, but so many people have lost grip of that where they have become naysayers & try to rain on your parade. Keep up the good work. Our industry will keep growing and your help is appreciated.

Backordering Domain Names Is A Simple Game Of Math – Do You Get It?

As most of you know, I have been an avid pending delete (expired) domains drop catcher for several years now. I have been really successful in what I do & the net profits have never been better. Each day, things get better for me. Why? I guess it’s because I simply never give up. I see a method to make money & I simply rinse & re-use the idea until I feel I’ve beat the horse dead. If the same methods keep rendering in profits, then I keep the momentum going while I make small tweaks & adjustments as I see necessary.

I see a lot of domainers simply give up. They don’t feel the drop catch game is something that works or nets valuable profits. It may be that their system needs work, they need to invest more faith in the system or they simply have bad luck. There’s a lot of misleading information floating around, competition, and secrets in this industry. I feel certain drop catchers feel the less the public knows about their activity, the more names they can scoop up under the radar & make more money for themselves.

On a daily basis, there are nearly 80,000 domains dropping that are .com & .net. That’s everyday! While NameJet, SnapNames & the like go after the best ones, it doesn’t always mean they grab them. I feel services like Estibot & the like leave out a lot of good domains that simply drop & noone notices their worth. I am not setting out to build out a new metrics system like Estibot, but why tunnel vision yourself to what others tell you may be the good drops when you can find more than what these services offer on your own?

In this article, I’d like to focus on Andrew Reberry & his drop catching Forte. If this business was dead, non profitable like everyone tells you, then why are companies like his raking in huge profits? Other than the funding pool his company owns, keep in mind that he started off like everyone else. One domain at a time has built up his domain empire to be what it is today. Currently Andrew’s inventory of domains grows daily as do his daily sales. A year ago or so I set out to findout exactly how many domains Andrew caught under his label(s) & how many sales he had daily. To my surprise around this time last year, TurnCommerce – Andrew’s Label was catching around the figure of 1,000 – 2,200 pending delete domain names each day. He was flipping a couple hundred domain names each day using his outlet: In my opinion every sale HD ( had equaled around $1,000 + per domain. These are domains that he paid regfee for.

Over time Reberry’s empire has grown. He owns multiple domain registration registrars which he uses to catch expired domains with. For each sale, it more than covers hundreds & hundreds of more domain registrations. Think of it like an old grandfather clock where once the pendulum starts swinging, it never stops. To this day, I can assure you that TurnCommerce & HugeDomains are making a killer banking. It keeps their investors, employees &  the tomorrow looking happy. To all the nay sayer domainers mentioning that drop catching is over – why would this company be so successful? It’s because they took an idea, rinsed it & reused it into a perpetual garden of profits.

If you’re good with math and willing to take a risk, I recommend you look into drop catching domain names. Try not to follow the crowds, but instead start a new path that you develop. Go after dropping domains weather it be .com, .net, .co, .CCTLD’s domain others didn’t catch as valuable so on. There’s a lot of room to grow & if your ignorance fails you, it surely won’t fail your competition as they get richer & you lose faith in this game. If you compute simple math, an old scenario I developed was to invest around $100 in expired domain names & see how you end up before the renewal fees come up. Keep in mind that you can always drop the domains or sell them at wholesale prices to other domainers at around your net price.  That’s a worst case scenario – best case is that one sale will probably render your $100+ and pay for the lot of domains while keeping you above water to rinse & reuse the system for additional profits.

There’s a lot of individual drop catchers who run their own game & they simply keep doing what they do for their profits on a daily basis. That’s the beauty of this industry that the more you catch & the domains hold value in your eye, they will probably hold good value in your future buyer’s eyes & make you more profit than you thought possible. If out of 80K domains dropping daily, it’s not possible that NameJet SnapNames or the like only detect the top 100 – 200 domains while leaving the rest upwards of 99% of the drops as worthless. You can easily snag valuable domains into your portfolio & gain instant profits if you have the math & eye for quality drop catching.

How To Pony Up An Offer Into A Sale Without Leaving Money On The Table

Lately I have been getting more & more offers on domain names that I have sitting around. Maybe my “eye” for selecting domains to keep in my portfolio has gotten better. Perhaps the hundreds of domains I have laying around are becoming useful to others in those niches.  I like to think that it’s a matter of time until another domainer or better yet – an end user finds the value in a domain name I own for their use. The principles I set in my strategy prevent me from gathering more “junk” and focus on quality. I’d rather have a small handful of useful domains versus hundreds of junky domains & keep paying renewal fees that will just keep sinking my ship & my dreams.

One of the things that always gets me nowadays is that when I first started – I would jump at any offer. Weather the offer be around the regfee amount or $50 for a domain, I would panic & quickly accept the offer before the buyer would run away. Boy, was I wrong! Lately, every offer that’s been coming in, I have been counter offering at an exponential amount. Why? because I know better now. I am tired of the sob stories where the replies are that they don’t have that amount of funds available, that they don’t need the domain that bad, that they are a college student on a project & the domain counter offer price was over their budget. Not to be rude, but the buyer can love the counter offer or shove it. I take the buyer’s reply into consideration & I will usually work with them on the deal until I feel both parties are happy with the outcome of the sale.

Why am I so greedy & why am I always in control of the situation? Well easily put, thanks to my experience, I can be. Why shouldn’t I? I understand very well that if a buyer gets turned off by my offer, another buyer will come along. If they don’t, then I lost out – but if they accept my counter offer, then I made out better than accepting their original offer. I see an offer for a domain name that comes in out of the blue like a door to negotiations to see how much they are willing to spend. Think of it this way, if you made an offer for a domain name, would you let the seller know your maximum budget or price to pay for the domain? Of course not! Well it’s the same with buyers who offer you a low ball offer on your domain.

Hopefully these tips will help you in securing more money for each offer you & materialize the offers into a higher sale amount:

1.) If you can do research on the buyer – Do It! If the offer cane in from a whois lookup – then you have their email address. Most email address will come from a domain name – or a public email eg GMail. So do some research. If you saw an email come in from – you should do your due diligence to find out as much info as you can about me. Of course, that would be visiting my domain: You may get turned off by my blog & not want to upscale your counter offer too much. However, what if my email was from a niche that lines right up with you domain’s niche? Bingo, you have the opportunity to counter offer much more than what my original offer was for. Let’s say I use a gmail email address, then look at the suffix. An email from may not warrant prosperity to offer a counter offer at all. However, if my domain was & I got an offer from – then you know you got the buyer in the sack to pay you what you deserve for your domain name!

2.) If you have some insight as to where the offer came from, use databases to figure out the size of the company. How many employees do they have? Is this a domain they can use first hand or is it a domain they will simply keep in their stable? What is their yearly income? There’s websites that specialize in this data – such as The more you can figure out about your buyer, the more leverage you will have to make your counter offer seem more credible.

3.) When submitting a counter offer, go out of your way as to why your counter offer should stand. For example, does the domain attract natural traffic? Does the domain get CPC or CTR revenue? Does the domain make sense? Why would the domain name make sense to the buyer? What qualities does the domain for sale have? Are other extensions taken? Are there products or services offered on other websites that may be competitors of your future buyer? If so, let the buyer know these things. Forget sticking to the run of the mill things like you need this domain for SEO purposes. Do they really? I didn’t think so, instead focus on the intellectual ownership of trumping their niche by fulfilling a need with a want which should be your domain name.

4.) It never hurts to aim for the stars. What’s the worst case scenario? You never hear back from this prospect buyer & you feel you blew the deal. If so, you can send out a follow up email or phone call. If you look at their signature, perhaps there’s a phone or website you can find contact info from. While most of the time, the offer may have come from a decision maker, it’s ok to jump over them & get to the head honcho with your offer. It never hurts to try & you are helping yourself.

5.) Do some research. Get off your lazy behind & ask yourself – if I was this buyer, why do I want to own this domain? If you can’t come up with a couple reasons, maybe you shouldn’t be selling the domain name. If you can, then the more info you collect, the better the sale price will amount to. Don’t forget to mention the reasons why the domain is worth your counter offer. Make the buyer aware that you have a product (the domain) and they have a want to own it. If you can’t convince yourself why this buyer needs this domain name, then how do you think they feel? You’re the seller, you must breath & feel what you’re selling otherwise your buyer will see right through you & guess what – you’ll blow the sale.

6.) Pick up the phone & call the buyer.  One of my strategies is to engage the buyer voice to voice or in person. If they are near you, go the extra mile to meet them & discuss in person each parties interest. I can’t enforce this enough. I know domainers expect all transactions to take over email or the selling platform, but you can gauge your buyer much better in person or over the phone instead of emails. It’s also nice to know who the buyer is in case of future support or domain needs.

7.) Ice the sale for a minute. Take time to get back to the buyer. Kiss your significant other, walk your dog, do other things, don’t let this future sale consume you. The buyer will notice this & in turn may cause him or her to get antsy & offer more than they expected to secure the sale. There’s nothing wrong with this strategy & you may find it was worth the extra wait when the payment rolls in.

8.)  Have the means to collect payment right away. If the domain was offered for sale on a platform, increase the price to your counter offer & make the buyer aware of your change. If you can process a credit card, do it. Get payment for your domain right away. As an ex-sales person, I know that every minute, heck every second counts! The more you wait, the less likely the sale will go through. Make your payment options ready. The sooner you can secure your payment, the sooner both parties will be happy & the sale will complete.

9.) If the offer came in from a silent buyer – eg SEDO or GoDaddy for example – don’t be shy to state what you’re asking for. Usually, the other party will become aware of your counter offer while their original offer will be available for acceptance while you think it through. If anything, you should be able to go back days or weeks later & accept the original offer if they decline your counter offer.

After you’ve sold your domain name, keep in mind to enter the buyer into an UP-SELL database. I keep one & when a domain name comes up that I’ve acquired, I go out of my way to let the buyer know that I have secure an additional or more domains in their niche. I often find that previous buyers will jump on a new acquisition and buy my domains for more. It’s nice for them to know what my inventory looks like & they are receptive to purchase more if I simply keep them in the “loop”.

I hope these tips help in your domain sales & in securing the value you deserve or want for your domain names. As a personal story of my experience, I had a domain name once. It’s sold now, but the story went like this, when I first acquired the domain name, I was offered $10 – $40 for it from multiple parties. I kept renewing the domain name for a few years. the offers would come in over time & although they were really low, I kept counter offering in the mid $xxx range. I felt the domain really deserved it. With time, a couple offers strolled through in the mid $xxx range. Unforgettably at that  time, I countered too high & blew each sale. On the fourth year of holding on to this domain name a buyer came around & purchased the domain name for near $x,xxx. No questions asked and he was quite happy to be the proud owner of such domain in this amount. I was stroked to have completed the sale & since then, I haven’t looked back. I hope the experience I am sharing here motivates you to:

1.) Never give up. For every action – there is an equal & hopefully better reaction (counter offer).

2.) It’s not the end of the world, you can always follow up with a price within the buyer’s range if you blow a sale.

3.) If you hang on to the domain, someone else may stroll by who will pay more. If any other offers come in for that domain, you can always explain as a response that someone in the past offered x for the domain & why you feel it’s worth more.

For those of you who’d like to know more about my background – I strictly deal with domains that I’ve caught on the drop. Sometimes I will buy domains at wholesale pricing, but 99% of all my sales come from domains where I catch them on the drop using my own metrics & offer them for sale.

Good luck in your sales & thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I hope to enlighten you more with similar topics on end user sales, domain flipping & catching expired domain names!

Develop Your Domains Into Websites – What Are You Waiting For?

In my opinion, the best domains are being held hostage by domain investors that don’t know how to develop a website. Developing a website and working it with conversion rate optimization services would get your website ranking higher up.  This post should shed some light on what you can do with your domains & convert them into operational websites where you obtain profit & sales from a domain name. Like the saying goes: if you can dream it, you can build it. So why aren’t you building your valuable domain names into something netting profit gains into your pocket? Perhaps you weren’t aware of the options available to you. Perhaps you don’t know first hand how to turnkey an existing technology to fit the domain name you own into a profitable idea. There are people who be delighted to help you on your website and do website monitoring for you.

In the domain industry, I have learned that the sky is the limit. I am an avid thinker, and visonary. When I get an idea in my head, it sprouts into huge profit gains. I wish I had more time to focus on these traits & make more money for myself – but I’m not really in it to make money. Instead I focus on the things I like to do instead of randomizing myself into a million projects I never finish. Lately I have been selective as to the “new” projects I start in 2013. I made a goal to kick off the new year developing more of the domain names I own. So far so good & the synergies I am creating will rattle some in their boots. It’s not that an idea is good, it’s that an idea works. I like to K.I.S.S. the technologies I build (keep it simple & stupid). It’s a great concept I have adapted to after running circles in the past & losing focus of what really matters to the web visitor.

So this post is for every domain investor which holds good domains & aren’t doing a lick to develop them. I ask, why not? What’s holding you back? In my experience, even the dumbest or K.I.S.S. ideas have yielded good revenues. I recommend you keep in mind that it’s not what you know – it’s who you know. If you get aligned with the right developer, then you can start sprouting profits real quick too. The trick is to keep it really simple. If an idea makes sense to your customers, they will come back over & over again. It’s common sense which some domainers don’t get & that’s ok. If we all “got it” the first time around, then what would be the point? You need to love a challenge & stick through until the end. I hope these simple tips can help you with developing your valuable domains into operation websites or partnerships where everyone wins.

1.) If you own a generic domain – check out providers who provide items for sale or services which fit your domain name. Try to partner up with them under an agreement that both parties will benefit from this deal. For one, the provider may get more customer reach from the domain name while you the domain owner make money from providing the domain name.

2.) Google search your domain names. Are there providers or services that are operating with a longer or less futile domain name than yours? If so, you can approach them to setup an affiliate plan & get cash from directing your valuable traffic stream to their affiliate program. If you can’t partnership, you can perhaps install a feed of their products or services on your website for commission based affiliate pay.

3.) Take ownership of the services or products out there. If your domain is a category killer, become an expert in that niche. More than likely, users will find you via direct navigation or a (google) search engine search. Google loves to match defining domain names with it’s user’s search criteria. This is a win win for your domain & linking what’s out there. Not only will it pump up your domain’s traffic, it could very well also beat out others trying to accomplish the same with a longer or less useful domain name. If you trump their search results, your domain will instantly gain more exposure & value when a buyer comes around.

4.) Use development platforms that are easy to install. Each have a different flavor, but some are wordpress, joomla, xoops, zencart, magento, zoomy, so forth. The vehicles are out there to drive your domain name into the audience it deserves, they are just like having a low deposit car insurnace, they make you will secure while nit spending tons of money. You can hire a writer to  add content to further expose your domain to the search results users are looking for & provide useful info. If you have access to a feed, your domain can illustrate items for sale based on affiliate based commission.

5.) If your domain name is making jack on parking – take it out of parking. Usually parking will hurt your domain name unless if you are lucky to have traffic coming in. The search engines, namely Google hate parking. While the trick does work sometimes, it won’t always save you & the pennies you are making may not be worth it. Take a look at your parking stats & decide for yourself if you can make more if the domain name can make money representing a brand, products for sale or services to be offered. Remember that the sky is the limit & it’s ok to add life to your domain name by supplying what your audience is looking for,

I can’t emphasize enough how easy it may be to find partnerships who can offer experience, products or services for sale on YOUR domain name(s). What can be easier than forming an alliance where your domain name is the for front of the money making process. You gain exposure, and the net profits if you choose to install ad placements on your domain names. You can monetize your traffic better if you have an idea about the traffic hitting your website while turning visitors into paying customers.

While this article may not be for most domainers, it will hopefully help some domainers out. In life, it’s not what you’re handed.. but instead what you do with it. I encourage you to keep developing the infinite world of web development & start bringing in some profits directly into your pocket. Afterall, if you don’t do it – someone else can & will. It’s a race to who gets what they want in life & by the day more & more are joining the fight.

As inspiration, I was thinking today that if I hadn’t developed my own brands, that money would be out on the table. I am lucky to have secured those profits in my pocket & encourage you to think like I have. It’s not a matter of high development costs, but instead an idea that can gain huge net profits that you deserve for owning a good domain name. Good luck to all domainers in 2013, let’s rock it out!

PendingDelete – Expired Domain Drop Catching – Right on Your Mobile Devices

Hello Everyone, I am proud to offer a new series of drop catching software. This software is mobile app ready & will run from your iPad, iPhone, iTouch or Android devices. The software works just like the DropKing software works, but is first in it’s class to work on an iPad or any mobile device. While the software is extra easy to use & very useful in catching domains, it is under Apple’s review to list the software for sale on Apple’s iTunes / App Store.

Apple App Store Drop Catching Software

Mobile iPad Drop Catching App

Here is a glimpse of what the software will look like. For previous customers of the software, these mobile Apps will work exactly the same as the desktop apps that previous customers are used to. For those of you who are new to understanding how drop catching software works, it’s actually quite simple. You must follow these simple steps:

1.) Scan the PendingDelete Expiring Domain lists & make a wish / wanted list of the domains you’d like to secure in your account.

2.) Load the domain names you’d like to catch into the drop catching software.

3.) Enter your account API key – For example here, enter your Dynadot API Key found under: -> Login -> My Account -> Domains -> API Settings -> API Key.

4.) Enter Your Mobile Device IP Address into your Dynadot account. Found under: -> Login -> My Account -> Domains -> API Settings -> API Key -> IP Address. They allow up to 5 different IP addresses to access the API per account. It may be useful to visit a website such as to obtain your ip address & supplement it into account for drop catching purposes.  This allows the software to communicate with Dynadot’s API server & send the registration commands appropriately.

5.) Set a start / stop time & good luck catching. You can also monitor the drop cycle & click start on the mobile drop catching app.  You will get instant results of failure or success server responses for each attempt to secure a dropping domain name into your account.

6.) Next thing you may notice is that an expired domain name from your list was captured at the API Registrar you hooked into via these mobile or desktop apps.

Currently, the Apple iPad / iPhone / iTouch & Android devices support the drop catching software for these Domain Registrars:

Dynadot API

Moniker API

NameSilo API API

Fabulous API


As well as a few other API’s in current development stages. I welcome you to keep an eye out for these mobile apps to make their way into the Apple APP store, Google Play Marketplace & others. I hope these apps will help you in securing decent domain names that are expiring & you will be able to catch using this easy to use software.

Feedback is appreciated, but these apps have been tested & proven to work. All it really takes is a list / want list of PendingDelete expiring domain names, a registrar API key & good luck to secure domain names into your account instantly. You won’t need to spend a lot on backorder fees at the major backorder outlets & you can snipe expired domain names into your account at registration fees without a need to deal with backorder auction fees.

Good Luck Domaining & I hope these apps can make your everyday drop catching a lot more simplified. These apps will be evolving more as user input conditions their usability. As always, every customer from – will always receive a free upgrade to the software if the software is upgraded or the corresponding registrar changes their API URI. So you can rest assured that the software will continue to work for many more years to come & we back that 1000%! Our customers shouldn’t expect anything less.

End User Emails & SEDO’s Buy It Now Pricing Are A Winning Combination For Me

Right before the holidays kicked in around mid December 2012, I set out to email end users in an effort to sell my domain names in my portfolio. This time around, I decided to park the domains I offered for sale at SEDO and point the prospect buyers to visit the domain name by typing it into their browser. I think so far, this has been the best turnaround I have received yet. Out of around twenty decent domains I mailed specific end users about, I can boast that I didn’t get a single complaint that I was spamming prospect buyers. Not that I believe that sending out end user emails is spamming, however when you cross someone or rub them wrong with a cookie cutter email, you may be considered a spammer. I took the time to make sure each email was unique & tailored to match the want & need I was providing.

SEDO Parking & Pricing

SEDO Pricing

The thing that seemed to workout the best is how SEDO accepts the escrow payment, handles the buyer’s questions & concerns – yet above all keeps both parties happy. Out of the twenty domains I promoted, about seven got a reply back or some kind of feedback. Three have been purchased so far & the sales have equaled well over $1,000 so far. In the past I have experienced that the sale & transfer of a domain name sale can fall apart eg, the buyer loses interest & I have to give SEDO credit for being there to make sure this fallout didn’t occur with these buyers.

I think the best thing I could have done was set a buy it now price for each domain. Keep in mind that there were not my best domains, and I set a somewhat hefty price for these mediocre domain names. To my surprise, noone countered my offers and instead simply placed the funds into escrow to secure purchase of the domain name. The domains I was promoting were dropped domains with little age to them, but they simply made sense to me. They didn’t appear in Estibot’s lists, or had any stats. The domains simply made sense to me and had a nice ring to me that I felt end users would appreciate.

I had very spotty results in the past with SEDO’s auction & MLS listings in the past. I believe the best thing I could have done was to place a BIN (buy it now) price for each domain which seems to have generated a lot more sales for me. You can ask, did I leave money on the table on some domains, I’ll answer – sure I did. Overall however, I am happy to see the amount of sales kick up immensely compared to my previous tactics. SEDO has helped my sales volume increase by dealing with the customer for me. Instead of having to talk over the phone with the customer, explain the push process & follow through.

I expect more sales to brew out of sending out more end user emails, but thanks to SEDO, I can focus more now on the end user experience & know that SEDO will pull through on a 100% customer retention percent which I am seeing. It’s also giving my customers piece of mind to deal with a reputable company like SEDO in regards to the domain push & transfer process which would seem leary if I was persuading them to login to a registrar, create a new account, wait for the push then transfer to their current registrar. All while they have released funds to me & basically gotten nothing in return. Thanks SEDO!! You’ve been great to me these past couple weeks & I hope you help clearing out more domains out of my portfolio in 2013!

The last thing I would like to mention is that the SEDO MLS system seems to broadcast my domains for sale as well. However, often times I will get a reply from another MLS registrar or warehousing domain. For example, I sold a domain name mid 2012 to find that a buyer from Afternic’s MLS was constantly contacting me about the sale. Unfortantely two customers wanted the same domain & it was pushed to SEDO’s account once the escrow payment was made. I understand the publicity MLS has across multiple registrars, but you have to keep in mind that it’s a first come first served business.

I hope this post helps others in sellign their domain names. So far, in the last quarter of 2012 & so far 1st quarter of 2013 have been thus far my biggest sales quarters. Who would say that three domains I paid around $8-9 each (hand reg) would yield well over $1,000 USD. The domain game is far superior than t the stock market in my eyes & I will continue to post sucess posts like this one. These sales have covered over 100+ more hand reg / API registrar drop catch registrations with room to grow for additional profits if some of those sell.

All I have to say is that I love the domain space & I am providing by example how you can become extremely profitable with little knowledge & beat up what the US stock market has to offer. No wonder why there’s teenage domainers making a living – the rich get richer & the poor get poorer – mostly by choice.

What Tools Does The Domaining Industry Lack? What Would Make Your Job Easier?

I am an entrepreneur, a software engineer & above all I like to be a visionary as to what the “next” big thing may be. I like to be behind the scenes to lead a new path instead of following what everyone else is doing. Everyday I wake up, I ask myself what tools domainers need, what can I develop to help them? What can I do to develop the most cutting edge technology before someone else develops it?  I’m not trying to re-invent wheels, but instead create something new that no one else has thought of yet. In college, my major was psychology while my minor was in CIS (Computer Information Systems). Like most entrepreneurs, I dropped out of college because the information I was seeking & trying to learn wasn’t available at the college level. The experience I was seeking couldn’t be taught to me in college, but instead had to be learned in the real world. The best thing I could have done was drop out of college & confront the real world head to head.

Domainer Tools

Domaining Tools

My main focus in college was to take my psychology major, use trending business strategy & basic / advance arithmetic and develop artificial intelligence to make me profitable. I was in college in the late 1990’s and soon started to develop brands & register domain names. For me, this always made sense that an undeveloped domain name had so much potential to make something from scratch happen for me & bring in profits into my pocket.

I have since been developing cookie cutter software to make other domainer’s jobs easier. To make their & my job easier, I started with tools that found domain names that were expiring and had resell value.  Other tools I developed were similar to estibot’s lists and self parking pages which I monetized from. While things seemed to be working ok, I changed my focus to use my stats for my own good & catch / warehouse domain names into my own portfolio. I made tools that worked for me and used them on a daily basis.

Since then I have offered some of the tools for sale, free drop lists, domain metrics & end user tools. What I am looking for now is for what domainers may feel the industry lacks. What every domainer may feel would make his or her job easier on their everyday strategy to ease the manual labor each person goes through daily. If there’s something that can make your job easier, chances are that it will make other people’s job easier, therefore fill a void in the domaining industry. I know most domainers will want to keep their want lists secret, but it may be that if someone needs a tool they can use, others can also benefit from the tool & make their jobs easier.

From time to time, I like to put on the movie: The Social Network. It’s not that I want to re-invent, but instead it’s because it’s no longer easy to find people motivated & thriving to make a change for something new that makes sense. The motivation programmers had back then doesn’t exist anymore. From working at a high school fulltime, I can assure you that the students no longer care about making the next new thing, but are more interested in making the next follower thing to follow someone else’s footsteps.

If you have an idea or something that you feel can make your job easier, I invite you to send me a message. You can post it on this blog or email it to me at: dan <at> If you’d like to sign NDA’s that’s ok. It’s just that i’m finding it easier and easier to build more tools that domainers can use in their everyday methods. What might not make sense to others may make sense to you & work for you. The sky is the limit & you shouldn’t be held back by lack of programming knowledge. In the past I was asked to develop aggregating software & websites along with unique tools which I have developed. Perhaps it’s time your tool comes to life & make your everyday job a lot easier.

Happy Domaining in 2013!