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Do you use Mozilla FireFox as your favorite browser?

I enjoy surfing the web & domaining using Firefox. Firefox is made by Mozilla which has been around for ages. dino

A few things that I like abour Firefox that Internet Explorer doesn’t offer is addons better known as “Plugins”. My favorite addon is FireBug. firebugFirebug was a blessing when I was developing and stress testing the domain auction platform: DNKO.COM.

So as you can see, there is a lot of flexibility that firefox offers. The firefox browser loads a lot faster than IE. It also doesn’t crash nearly as much as Internet explorer does.

Something I have noticed however is that after Firefox does it’s updates, the browser becomes very slow & unstable. Furthermore, when I minimize a window, it vanishes into thin air. If I do a control + alt + delete, then pick “Switch To” Firefox, voila.. the browser slides from minimized state to full window. A bit peculiar if you ask me, but it’s a rare issue that only happens when updating.

I want to build my own firefox addon. Perhaps a drop catching script – or an available domains finder (while you surf) addon tool. I believe it would be used by many domainers, but firefox sometimes has troubleshooting, as many report issues with it regarding navigation and speed,

If you have any suggestions, I am all ears. I have a lot of free time & can probably design and build an addon for Firefox rather quickly.

My watchlist of expiring domains for July 24 2009

expired_domainsThese domains will be dropping on July 24th – and they caught my eye:


I may chase some of these drops.. but I ain’t telling which yet.. Good luck drop catching!

Make sure to checkout: for the full drop list, sorted in order with the drop time next to each domain.

.CM Landrush Most Popular TypoSquatter Backordered Domains:

So far, has accepted thousands of pre-orders for the most “Typo Squatting” domain extension in existence: .CM.

Here’s my opinion why these domains are worth so much to the typo squatters trying to backorder them. Wait, I stand corrected, some of these domains may be backordered by the brand companies. Because of the typo squatting potential .CM domains have, I betcha that typosquatters grab the cream of the crop. We’ll compare whois later on & I will begin to track the extension of: Cameron.

July 24th – 6 days remaining.. for Landrush deals: & are both accepting backorders as well! It costs aprox $350+ – for .com domain registrations.

Here’s Namejet’s rules:

Names that are pre-ordered will not be available when general registration begins on Friday, July 31st at 5:00:01pm PT. Any .CM domains successfully awarded to you through the auction will be charged

So Namejet is holding exclusive rights to the .cm domains it can register for it’s pre-order customers.

Domaining on Is there Hope??

Not really. If you are super social.. Domaining will make you look like the #1 chump on earth.. Your high school buddies wlll hate you.. because a huge rash of domaining forum rats will flood all your contacts!!

OMG.. then what should I do? I know some domaining.. friends who have my handle.. Are they my friends or domaining freaks.. Worse so.. are they here to intrude on my new tactics? Worse yet to catch my favorite drops to target?

Don’t worry.. You can pick and choose your domaining buddies on Facebook.  If they add you.. Do the homework & don’t just add them back. I kinda did that mistake & witnessed “awkwardddd” (with a pitch) moments. These networks seem to be really cool with a purpose. I myself have learned to get around facebook & helpout my constant yahoo messenger, skype & msnmessenger contacts. It’s like we’re all domaining & keeping in touch!

SO every.. bad story has a good ending.. Go on FaceBook now & add all your best domaining friends to join the fun & add their friends.. Just make sure to add or deny your friends.

Good luck facebooking & domaining :D Hope to see you there, you can find me somewhere in there. Just look ;)

Why are domainers so jealous? What’s up?

I don’t understand why domainers are so jealous. It really hurts the market guys.. So what if you try to go up toe to toe with the next guy? What did you win? You still end up with the same crappy domains & a bitter taste in your mouth.

Forget the term “I won” in a market that holds no rules. History is creating itself with and every one of us domainers is creating a new chapter. So be unique and quit fighting.. we can all share general knowledge! Fight when an intruder touches your space. Rip someone’s head off if they invade you. But don’t knock something until you try it out for yourself.

Peace & good luck drop catching tomorrow.

What is a Drop Catcher?

A drop catcher is a person or a program that catches expiring domains as they drop from the central registry:

Usually we’ll refer to a drop catcher as a person. I – for example consider myself in the domaining community to be a “drop catcher”. It takes years and years of reading, experimenting & of course good times / bad times. Like a fight, drop catchers compete to try and register valuable domains (which we believe we can resell for more). The end result might not be what you expect it, while other times – putting a huge smile on your face,

Like they say, you win some & you lose some. Other than the sheer adredeline rush of – the expiring domains dropping & your scrambling to see who got what… The overall job of a drop catcher can be very tedious. I consider it an art. While things work for some, they fail miserably for others. Whatever your outcome may be, just don’t give up. That’s why I consider it an art – one that takes a lot of trial and error, push & shove to master.

The best way to drop catch is to arm yourself with everything you got & give it a try. The best drop catchers know which domains have resell value & which just plain suck. It’s a process of gathering the best expiring domain lists & going after the drops. The aftermath determines the outcome of the best names & where they got picked up at.

While Snapnames, pool & enom own the field of drop catching calling it “Domain Backorders”, they simply cannot monitor everything. Back in 2003 or so when these startups took control, the drop catching game was very intense. You had popular names dropping & getting picked up instantly. Today, the coin has flipped. Domain Tasting has ended for the most part & the drop quality is significantly increasing daily.

Good names are dropping daily. Drop catchers are registering these valuable domains for $8 usd & under, then flipping them into $300 plus sales! It’s a beauitful thing to be a drop catcher & chase domains for profit.

Dynadot API – Doesn’t Support .CO.UK Expired Domains Drop Catching.

Well after multiple tries, I finally got a straight answer from the staff regarding their API & expiring domains. Their answer was:


I talked to the engineer that maintains the API. Only the search command is supported for uk domains. The register command is not supported. The same goes for EU domains. I’ll add this info to our help section.

Best Regards,
Dynadot Staff

—————————— After further interrogation:


Unfortunately, it won’t be added any time soon. Each registration requires a registrant, reg type, and possible company number. Currently, the API doesn’t handle those additional parameters for registrations. I will add the request to our feature request list.

Best Regards,
Dynadot Staff

So for all of you expired domains drop catchers.. I guess it’s a “no go” to try & utilize the Dynadot API for catching expired domain drops! Doh..! Bad news for Dynadot, my favorite registrar.

I hope they change it soon, the expired domain drop market is getting bigger by the day!

Create an expired domains drop catching tool in microsoft office!

Expron’s guide on making an expired domains drop catching tool for your windows desktop.

First off, you will need Microsoft Office (any version) installed on your computer.

For demonstration purposes, I am using Excel in office 2007 – to build my drop catcher.

Excel 2007

On the Developer tab, click Visual Basic.

If you don’t see the developer tab..

  1. Click the Microsoft Office Buttonoffice, and then click Excel Options.


Click Popular, and then select the Show Developer tab in the Ribbon check box.

Note The Ribbon is part of the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface

On the Developer tab, click the Visual Basic button – by default on the left side of the office 2007 ribbon.

Once Visual Basic loads, you’re ready to rock & roll! One of the first things you’ll need to do is make a “User Form” for your drop catcher.

Let’s start off by making a really simple one:


“Right click” on the Microsoft Excel Objects – At the top of the list.

Then simply add a user form similar to mine:


Ok, so here we go now. The form is done & is ready to act as our drop catching page.

I’ll go ahead & add some fields to my form to make it functional.

From the Toolbox, I choose text fields, drop downs & so forth. Here’s what I whipped up in about 5 minutes:


Notice that my drop catcher is now independent from Excel & Office 2007.

I can run it from my desktop like so:


For the sake of this example, we will be using the sendkeys function.  I cannot go into much detail about my code, but here’s some helper code & my structure.

I have programmed my computer to open Firefox whenever I hit: Shift & Ctl & F.  So here is my code – after hitting the start button:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

SendKeys “+SHIFT+CTL+F” ‘Firefox Opens

SendKeys “+ALT+D” ‘ Focus is put on the firefox address bar

SendKeys TextBox3 ‘ Sends the url: to firefox

SendKeys “{tab 19}” ‘Sends 19 tabs to the search page.

SendKeys list1(0) ‘Sends the top domain of the list to be searched

SendKeys “ENTER” ‘Submits the domain lookup

SendKeys “{tab 59}” ‘Sends 59 tabs to click the “Add to cart button”

SendKeys “ENTER” ‘Submits the domain to your checkout cart

End Sub

As you can see, if the domain I am looking for is available, it would instantly be added to my Moniker checkout.

The same methods can be applied to other registries – like Dynadot, Directi & to name a few.

Basically you would need to loop through your domain list & before you know it, the drop catching software you just built would save you a lot of time & money!

Drop Catcher MSINET.OCX Error Message


If anyone has purchased my drop catching software, you may receive an error when you try to load up the program. The error may also appear if you run my domain drop catching software from a different computer. The errors that sometimes appear are related to MSINET.OCX & COMDLG32.OCX.

Especially with Vista, these system files do not come registered with the Operating System. You should follow these easy steps to correct the problem:

1.) To fix the error: MSINET.OCX on the software,

Make sure you’re logged in as an Administrator and…

Go to

Download the cab file from the above link. Extract it by right clicking on the .inf file After the .ocx file is extracted, click Install.

The program should work fine.. However.. Sometimes..

2.) You might also get another ocx error that a file is missing: called COMDLG32.OCX

To fix the COMDLG32.OCX error, Go to

Download the cab file from the above link. Extract it by right clicking on the .inf file and click Install.

This should fix any issues with the program. If you have any other issues, let me know.

Catch Them Like They’re Hott (PR3 Domain)

Here is an Available pagerank 3 domain available for hand registration:

gaiaunorthbay < d o t > com

Hurry up before it’s gone!