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NameJet Domain Backorders Don’t Make Sense To Me

Lately, I have been looking to backorder sites in hopes of securing domain names that I want to backorder. One of the sites I visit most are & I have to admit that most of the backordered domain names make absolutely no sense to me.  It must be that I am used to cherry picking […]

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Online Reputation – Years To Build & A Second To Lose In An Instant

Hello everyone, I have been in the domain business since 2003. I really got active around 2006 & 2007. Since then, the dot com bubble has fizzled down immensely.  Something I’d like to touch on today is how your online reputation means a lot to your customers.  I’m sure most online entrepreneurs have experienced going the extra mile […]

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Drop Catching Software & Successful API’s

As most of the readers of my blog  know, I offer expired domains drop catching software. I recently have been getting good feedback about certain API’s that seem to be outperforming others. For instance, lately, the API seems to be catching a lot of domains for my customers. It’s great that the namesilo registrar […]

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INTERNET.BS Drop Catching Software Now Available

I am proud to offer drop catching software for the registrar API. This software seems to be really fast at hitting’ API and securing expiring domain names on your behalf. has a really good api system which hits the central registry at a good rate. In my testing, I was able to […]

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Looking To Buy Your Domain Names – At Wholesale Pricing

Hello, I am in a position to purchase domain names at wholesale price. I invite you to submit lists of your domains for sale. Your list can be one domain, multiple domains or hundreds / thousands of domains. I am looking to acquire domains I feel are re-sellable to end users. I use a strict […]

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It’s not often that I notice a pending delete domain that reminds me of the past. However, upon scanning tomorrow’s drop list of pending delete domains I noticed that the domain hit pending delete and will be deleted from the central registry. Tomorrow the domain will expire and become available for registration to anyone. […]

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Reseller Club – Directi API Drop Catching Software

Directi ( offers a powerful drop catching API. This API is good for catching expiring domain names into your resellerclub account. The pricing is reasonable and the API is capable of sending up to 100 calls every minute. The calls are usually to register domain names during the drop window. Directi allows a maximum of […]

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Expiring Domains Drop Order & .Com / .Net Estimated Drop Time Service

I encourage readers of my blog to take a look at the service provided by: DNMeter. DNMeter takes the daily list of pending delete domains, places the domains in drop order & assigns an estimated time each domain will become deleted from the central registry and become available for registration again. The registry fluctuates when […]

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Buying Domains Today That Make Sense To Me To Flip For Profit Later

Domaining seems to be a game of chance lately at how I monetize my daily activity. Certain windows open and close in life, businesses and ventures go up and fold while others breathe profit & take off running. The money in my bank account influences my drop catching strategy.  I often compare domain names to […]

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GoDaddy Discount Codes – Instant Coupon Savings

I often have renewals, hosting, backorders or domain purchases at GoDaddy. When the time comes, I usually visit domain forums and search the web to find a coupon code to use.  I had some GoDaddy renewals coming up and have been collecting various coupon codes I’d like to share with readers of my blog. Most […]

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