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Hexonet API Is Available For Drop Catching Expired Domain Names

Hello, I have recently developed software for drop catching domain names using’s API. The api seems to work well and it works fast. It’s quite simple how this works, you take a list of domain names you’d like to acquire, enter them into the software and click start. The second the domain name becomes […]

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Listen To Your Gut Instinct When Chasing Expired Domain Names

Often times people will chase expiring (Pending Delete) domain names on a whim. I think the lists at namejet & the like have conditioned fellow drop catchers to think that some domains may be valuable or attract a certain level of attention. I’m not one to favor drop catching a domain just because it attracts […]

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Backordering Domain Names Is A Simple Game Of Math – Do You Get It?

As most of you know, I have been an avid pending delete (expired) domains drop catcher for several years now. I have been really successful in what I do & the net profits have never been better. Each day, things get better for me. Why? I guess it’s because I simply never give up. I […]

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How To Pony Up An Offer Into A Sale Without Leaving Money On The Table

Lately I have been getting more & more offers on domain names that I have sitting around. Maybe my “eye” for selecting domains to keep in my portfolio has gotten better. Perhaps the hundreds of domains I have laying around are becoming useful to others in those niches.  I like to think that it’s a […]

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GoDaddy Backorder Service Sucks – I Told Them To Improve – I Got A Cookie Cutter Response

GoDaddy is one of my favorite backorder service sites. Their backorder service is reasonably priced, it includes a nice horse stable of catch registrars, it has great horsepower, but it lacks the strength to catch anything valuable. I made it a point to contact GoDaddy during 2012 to alert their staff & backorder department that […]

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Reseller Club – Directi API Drop Catching Software

Directi ( offers a powerful drop catching API. This API is good for catching expiring domain names into your resellerclub account. The pricing is reasonable and the API is capable of sending up to 100 calls every minute. The calls are usually to register domain names during the drop window. Directi allows a maximum of […]

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RRPProxy API – Drop Catching Software

Hello, I am writing to let readers know about drop catching software available for the website. Their API is robust in catching .com & .net domains, but it also offers a wide array of API functions for catching other domain extensions.  The API system is easy to use & instantly registers domain names into […]

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I am proud to offer a new service I have brewed up. The website: WindycityNames is in beta which offers a full list of domains that are in pending delete with stats and a backorder service. You simply pick the domains you’d like to backorder & click the add to cart button. Once payment has processed, […]

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Dynadot API Software For Drop Catching .CO.UK Expiring Domains

It recently came to my attention that Dynadot’s API supports drop catching domain names. I sold a copy of the Dynadot API software last week & the customer inquired about using it for drop catching expiring domains. I emailed Dynadot’s support and learned that their API V2 supports domain registrations. I immediately […]

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Using the Expron ENOM Drop Catcher Tool To Catch ccTld drops.

Ok, so this post is a bit to brag about the enom drop catching tool I made.. lol. But it is true, that you can use it to drop catch ccTld’s successfully. Since most other drop catchers suffer difficulties trying to remember when the drops happen & worse off, rely on other domainers for their […]

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