Free Tutorial – How To Turn Your Domain Names Into Full WordPress Websites

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Turn Your Domain Names Into WordPress Websites.

Often times a customer will ask me to setup a wordpress website for their domain name(s). I don’t charge much because it’s an easy task & with the countless free wordpress themes available, It’s easy to pick one that matches the customer’s domain.You can take as example Printsy wich is an excellent webpage. In this tutorial, I will go over step by step what I do to convert a domain name into a full wordpress website. We’ll start with a domain name, I’ll show you how to change the DNS, setup the hosting and end up with a full working wordpress site since there are different web hosting options in the market for this.  You don’t have to be technical or be a web developer to follow this tutorial. Once WordPress is setup, the admin panel makes it easy to insert content, images and video. Your domain will rank in search engine results with time and become a valuable asset to your domain portfolio.

So let’s get started. Below are a list of items you will need:

  • A domain name you’d like to develop.
  • A hosting account that offers Softaculous.
  • A WordPress Template to use.
  • Content and graphics to fill up the website.
  • A logo for your domain (optional).
  • Google Adsense or other monetizing / ad serving / affiliate linking (optional).
  • oceanwp advice

Let’s get started and prepare the domain name’s DNS setup so it can work with our hosting. By default, my domains are not setup to point to my hosting DNS. They are usually defaulting to parking so I can gauge a sale after catching the domain. I will usually wait until I am ready to develop a domain before I change it’s DNS to point to my wordpress hosting and develop the domain.

In this example, I will be using the domain name: The domain will become a wordpress website for educational purposes of malware, how to shield yourself & products or ads that will generate revenue for the domain. The domain is registered at Dynadot, so let’s login and change the domain’s DNS and get this tutorial started.

As you can see here, I will demonstrate step by step what I do to change the DNS. After logging into Dynadot, I select the domain so I can change it’s DNS.

Dynadot DNS Settings

Changing My Dynadot Domain’s DNS Settings

As you can see, I have changed the Domain’s DNS to point to my hosting company’s DNS servers. HostUpon uses the nameservers: cloud1 &

Dynadot DNS

Domain DNS Changed

Now that the DNS settings have been changed, I am ready to login to my hosting company’s control panel. I use the hosting from a company called: HostUpon. In my experience, they offer the most reliable, fast and cost effective hosting. Their servers are much faster than HostGator and other companies I have tried.

If you don’t have hosting, I would recommend you give HostUpon a try. Their price is $3.95 a month if you signup with their three year plan. Their hosting offers everything you need to host an unlimited number of websites under the same plan. Plus they offer great customer support & support Softaculous. Softaculous is what I use to install wordpress.

Wordpress Hosting

HostUpon WordPress Web Hosting

After I login to my hosting control panel, I have access to setup a new website. Since the DNS is changed at the registrar (Dynadot), you will be able to setup wordpress easily. HostUpon uses CPanel, so your control panel should look something like this:

The CPanel Main Page

CPanel For WordPress Website

Go ahead & click on the “Addon Domains” Icon

Wordpress Addon Domain

Add A Domain To Your Hosting

Next, specify the domain details:

CPanel Addon Domain Details

Specify Addon Domain Details

All you need to specify are the domain name & the password. You can specify any password you’d like as long as it meets the strength criteria. Next, click “Add Domain”.

CPanel WordPress Site Created

WordPress Domain Created

As long as your DNS Settings are set correctly at your registrar, you should see a success message like the one above. This means your domain is now setup with your hosting and ready to run WordPress.

Next, navigate to the bottom of the CPanel main page & under the Softaculous Apps Installer section, select the WordPress icon.

WordPress Installer Using Softaculous

Softaculous WordPress

Once you click the WordPress icon, you will see this screen:



Click the “Install” button to begin the WordPress Install. The next page will ask you for the domain and database settings you will be using for your WordPress installation.

Settings For My WordPress Install

Settings To Install WordPress

After the installation completes, you should see a success page similar to this:

WordPress Install Success

WordPress Was Successful

If we visit the domain, you will notice a basic install of wordpress is in place.

WordPress Install For MalwareShield

MalwareShield Homepage

The next thing to do is login to your wordpress admin panel & start customizing your wordpress install. The url is by default: http://domain/wp-admin/ Here you can customize the website’s look by changing the theme, add content and create the website’s structure by creating pages & categories.

How To Manage Your WordPress Website

Admin Panel For WordPress

That about wraps it up for this tutorial. Later on I will go into more detail about customizing your wordpress website by changing the theme. I will go into detail on how to change a wordpress theme’s look by adding a custom logo and changing the theme’s layout and colors by modifying the theme’s CSS files.

I plan on adding more information on how I like to structure my wordpress sites, the pages I usually create and plugins / widgets I find useful. Some of the plugins I use are for adding a contact form, making the pages SEO friendly and to monetize the website with adsense or affiliate links. Various widgets are also helpful for displaying keyword clouds, trackbacks and RSS information.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful and you’re able to develop your domains into full websites. There are many free wordpress themes that can make your website beautiful and useful to your visitors. WordPress websites usually rank well in search engine results pages, but it may take time.  I hope this tutorial is helpful and easy to follow.

Developing your domains makes them more valuable and useful to visitors. If you plan on selling your domains, you will be able to ask a higher price if the domain is developed, is monetizing and if you can provide traffic statistics. Using CPanel hosting, you can easily track your website visitors with AWStats which is built in. AWStats is useful in determining the keywords visitors are using to reach your website & how they were referred eg. google search, Yahoo, Bing, etc. AWStats also shows what pages were visited and how long visitors are staying on your site.

WordPress is a little tricky to get used to at first. However, after a while, you will find it easy to use and customize. WordPress is free and will hopefully help you get more money for your domains – weather you develop or sell them later. I invite your comments and if you have any questions or anything needs clarification, I will be happy to help out in anything I can.

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  • Giovanni says:

    Thank you, much appreciated. I know Joomla and I realized some sites with it in the past but I have been finding good features and useful plugins in particular that were, or still are, not available for Joomla, like some plugins for giving away customized email addresses(if you have, for instance, a domain like, for instance, etc (I don’t have it :) and others good plugins

    It would be really really appreciated if you can focus on real ways to make money from a domain… yes we know this is difficult, and, for instance, giving away personalized email addresses, as I mentioned above, expose yourself to risks from spammers etc…

    Anyway, thank you, I will be glad to follow your posts about developing..

    P.S. Francois, if you can read this, please keep an eye through your on good guys giving serious advices about how to develop domains quickly and efficiently…

    PPS. What about good services to give in use subdomains to businesses related to a niche for wich you have a premium domain?

  • admin says:

    Hi Giovanni,

    Thank you for your comment. I hope the tutorial helps you out. I should be releasing more soon.


  • موسي says:

    Thank you . the tutorial helps me

  • admin says:

    You’re welcome, I hope it helps others as well.


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