A New Twist On Drop Catching Technology – Focus On The Drop Order

I am glad to offer a new twist on drop catching pending delete – expired domain names. The concept is simple, why not focus on the drop order of each domain name?  This will allow you to focus on one domain name versus the traditional way of cycling through all the domains in your list one by one. I was the first service to offer drop catch software dating back to 2007 and before. I like to keep things cutting edge, and utilizing the drop order is a major game changer.Dynadot Drop Catcher Software

As most of my blog readers know, I run the websites dropking.com and dnmeter.com. I now offer all my customers a drop catch solution where you can sort the domains by drop order and focus on one domain name at a time.  Since the domains are sorted by drop order, the drop catch software can focus on one domain name at a time. When it drops, if you caught it or someone else did, the software will continue to your next drop to try and capture it.

The best news of all is that this upgrade is free to all customers who have purchased the drop catch software at dropking.com. So if you purchased a software title in the past, you can get this free upgrade.  I always offer free upgrades when a registrar’s API changes or if there’s a better way to chase expired domain names. While this solution is still very new and needs testing, it seems to be working well with my testing. It will also set apart other copy cats who try to mimic the software with a solution that is bullet proof and uses each drop catch API efficiently to capture domains for you.

The best part is that you won’t need an account at dnmeter.com to take advantage of this drop catch software. The sorting and concentration on each pending delete domain comes built into the software free of charge. More so, When you focus on one domain name, your changes multiply greatly to capture the domain you are chasing. I admit the software at dropking.com may be higher than other services, but the frustration level is next to nothing. If you aren’t happy, you get a full refund. If it doesn’t work, I won’t hold you to it and will make sure it works or let you keep the software and give you a full refund.

The drop order will only work for .com & .net drops. So there will be various a different version of the software for drop order and the regular software when there is no drop order & it focuses on your drop list one by one. The reason why the drop order is only available for .com & .net domains is simple – verisign drops over 80,000 .com & .net domain names each day. Other TLD’s like .org, .info, .me, .mobi and the like drop a smaller amount of domains & they drop rather quickly. So there is no need to have a drop order with other TLD’s when the drops are bunched up so close.

You may ask what makes this software better.. Well, so far noone has offered a drop catcher software title that utilizes the order each domain will drop in. The software uses a realtime whois checker to ensure the domain you are chasing is in “PendingDelete” status or has dropped with a “Not Found” or “OK” – Taken status. If it’s taken, either you got it or someone else did, OK< time to move on to the next domain and stop wasting time on the domain that has been passed up in the drop order. Time to concentrate all your drop catch forces on the next drop and see if you can land it. As you can see, the process will continue throughout the drop window and your chances will better using this new method.

For you who may be asking, the drop window lasts between 1pm CST – 2pm CST, sometimes up to 2:15pm CST. It’s hard telling because it will all depend on how many domains are dropping daily. If there’s over 100,000 domains dropping it will take longer. If there are only 60,000 or so .com & .net domains dropping that day, it will end sooner. What I’ve learned from experience is that Verisign will drop domains in batches. It’s not necessarily one by one, but a batch of 100 or 500 domains at a time. Well, when you drop catch a domain, it will generally be in a different batch or spaced out to give you time to target it better.

If you have purchased the dropking software and would like to get this free upgrade for .com & .net drops – please email me at: dan <at> expron.com. I will happy to send you the latest upgrade free of charge. If you’d like to use this new software and you are a new customer, I’d like to offer this software to you in hopes of catching drops at a better rate than what you are used to.

The benefit of drop catching on your own with the dropking software is simple. Instead of spending inflated prices for backorders, this is a simple solution to drop catch domains on your own into your favorite registrar (if they have an API) and save a lot of money. On average, the price per domain you catch using the dropking tools will only cost you around $9 per captured domain name. There are no auctions and you will own the domain name outright if you are successful in your win. The software is desktop based and will work on any windows system.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post & please contact me with any questions or feedback you may have.

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  • Morgan Linton says:

    Very cool – I like it! Shoot me an email, I’d love to include this in my drop-catching showdown that I’m currently running.

  • It is currently CDT, not CST. Is the drop at 1-2 PM CDT in summer and 1-2PM CST in winter? Do I need to convert CDT to CST for the actual time, or is it always 1-2 PM Central regardless of whether or not DST is in effect?

  • admin says:

    Hi Craig,

    As far as I know – the drop will be 1-2pm CST. We are on daylight savings time. It may not be the case in your area, so you may need to adjust your drop catching to fit these changes. When the daylight changes happen, the central drop registrar (Verisign) adjusts immediately, so it may be that you may need to adjust your drop catch times to fit daylight savings.


  • admin says:


    I shot you an email. I am looking forward to learn more about the drop-catching showdown you are running.



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