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A New Twist On Drop Catching Technology – Focus On The Drop Order

I am glad to offer a new twist on drop catching pending delete – expired domain names. The concept is simple, why not focus on the drop order of each domain name?  This will allow you to focus on one domain name versus the traditional way of cycling through all the domains in your list […]

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How To Match a Short Domain With a Buyer Using the Longer Version

I would like to share my success rate in selling short domain names to end users that are using longer versions of the same type of domain. I check the daily drop list and drop catch expiring domain names. So far, this strategy has been the most successful & profitable for me.  As most of […]

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Hexonet API Is Available For Drop Catching Expired Domain Names

Hello, I have recently developed software for drop catching domain names using’s API. The api seems to work well and it works fast. It’s quite simple how this works, you take a list of domain names you’d like to acquire, enter them into the software and click start. The second the domain name becomes […]

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