SuperBowl Outage Reminds Me Of An Expired Domain Name

While the most watched event on USA television was going on today, the power went out in the middle of the event. The yearly superbowl is the most watched TV event all year & advertisers pay millions of dollars in advertising. Super Bowl XLVII This year had a power outage & advertisers made out like bandits. Half the stadium lost power during the third half & the outage lasted for 34 minutes. While the power outage went on, advertisers were eating at the bit appearing on everyone’s TV while technical difficulties were fixed.

This was the tenth super bowl to be played in New Orleans at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Beyonce performed during the halftime show & then during the third quarter half the lights went out. New Orleans had to postpone their Mardi Gras parades for the superbowl show & the average advertising price totaled to about $4 million per 30 second commercial slot.

This power outage reminds me of a domain name & when it expires, it’s lights out. While police officials say that too much power was being pumped into the 73,000 seat stadium, this caused the power outage – Auxiliary power saved the day by keeping half the stadium running with power. Engineers and Entergy New Orlean are still investigating what caused the power outage. Why does this power outage remind me of an expired domain name? Well It’s because when the lights go out on a domain name – usually the advertisers aka – sponsors make their runs & monetize off advertising & providing a need to web users. In today’s case superbowl viewers got an extra 34 minutes of advertising subliminal recommendations on products & services to buy.

As most of you know, not all super bowl ads make it to the big TV, but today’s power outage caused the TV broadcast to keep showing advertising commercials. This in turn in my opinion is like a parking page for a domain name. Once it hits the cutting block & expires, the audience needs what they seek when visiting the website & get it through parking or advertising sponsored on the expired domain name.

When a domain name expires – it’s lights out & good luck retrieving the domain back into your account. It mostly depends on your domain registry & their willingness to restore the domain name for you. Most registry’s nowadays are in the game of auctioning your domain names that expire & accept bids for your domain while you still have full control of the domain. You actually have 30-60 additional days after your domain expires & enters restorable mode to renew your domain name before it becomes completely lost & becomes PendingDelete at which point that 5 day window makes the domain become unrestorable & available to anyone at regfee.

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