GoDaddy Backorder Service Sucks – I Told Them To Improve – I Got A Cookie Cutter Response

GoDaddy is one of my favorite backorder service sites. Their backorder service is reasonably priced, it includes a nice horse stable of catch registrars, it has great horsepower, but it lacks the strength to catch anything valuable. I made it a point to contact GoDaddy during 2012 to alert their staff & backorder department that they need to step it up a bit.  Everytime I simply got back a cookie cutter response. Instead of listening to my gripes about their lack of strength they can apply to catch domains, I got the common response which looked very similar to this response:

GoDaddy Backorder Registrars

GoDaddy Backorders


Our support staff has responded to your request, details of which are described below:

Discussion Notes
Support Staff Response
Dear Dan,

Thank you for contacting Online Support.

I understand that you are concerned about how our Domain Backorders work. Thank you for your feedback and suggestion. If you are interested in a position with our company you can review the available job listings on

Please let us know if you have any further questions, comments, or concerns by replying to this email. If I misunderstood what you are requesting, please do not hesitate to reply to this email with clarification of your issue.


Susan P.
Online Support Team

The problem here is quite clear, I simply tried to alert GoDaddy about their backorder flaws & instead I was alerted about their job position openings. In my eyes, all I was trying to do was alert GoDaddy that if they hold upwards of 10+ domain catching registrars then they should be able to compete with Snapnames, Enom & others like: HugeDomains – Andrew Reberry, & the like – eg,, so on & so forth. GoDaddy has always been at the edge of cutting edge technology, but they are dropping the ball with their drop catch – backorder service. I wish they would have simply paid attention to my remarks & made a sensible reply to make things better for all drop catch / backorder customers.

GoDaddy is the number one registrar of all time & they preposterously hold their value of holding the most amount of domain names under thir belt. I believe it is upwards of 65 million domain names under their registrar & affiliate registrars. I understand that GoDaddy has one of the biggest domain aftermarkets around – TDNAM – but would a better backorder service hurt them? In my eyes, getting extra help wouldn’t hurt anything but secure more customers to add to their already top notch & stable domain retention numbers.

Maybe I am dreaming, but if you own as many registrars as GoDaddy does, I would be owning the drop catch field. Anywhere from’s to the domain’s that attract less traffic & go under the radar. Something that I have noticed is that once a domain backorder attracts more than one backorder @ GoDaddy, their drop catching service goes after that domain name much stronger. It must be because they want to initiate the auction process to start for such domain name backorder & increase their revenues. What they are failing to understand is that if they simply catch expiring domain names for their customers, their catch rate will attract many more new customers. It’s like a domino effect which other domain registrars are striving their business upon, but I believe it will be a matter of time before GoDaddy latches on & overcomes a market they created.

If a GoDaddy employee happens to read this blog, I would highly recommend that you utilize your drop catch strengths on each domain at a time. Each PendingDelete domain has a time frame / order it will drop in. Rumor has it that hand reggers can beat out GoDaddy backorders because your service needs help. If that doesn’t make sense, then you should compare your member backorders to what you actually catch & notice that your compettion is eating you up in your own game.

For all domainers, I would recommend that you not lose hope in GoDaddy’s backorder service. There will be light at the end of the tunnel & perhaps it will take blog posts like this one to enlighten GoDaddy & other registrars to take action to increase their drop catch strength – not for themselves, but for the sake of customers who believe in the services such registrars provide to the general audience.

Happy Domaining..


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  • Thanks for sharing. I wonder if someone has got any great domain through GoDaddy backordering service. I am sure no one has yet. Their backordering system sucks. I have at a forum that once he placed backorder with GoDaddy and the domain got dropped and he hand registered it and GoDaddy was unable to grab it!

    Their pricing is nice for backordering service but their system is not worth a try. I would recommend everyone not to waste their time in trying because you will end up losing all the time.

    Always use NameJet, SnapNames for .com, .net domains. For ccTLDs I would recommend and

  • Ron says:

    Godaddy customer service support replies are a joke, my VIP rep always tells me how it is, while those goes deny anything is wrong.

    Majority of the time, I have pointed them to bugs, and they say everything is fine, almost hilarious, these must be former fast food employees at best.

    With all the money, I spend 6 figures a year at namejet, godaddy could get a piece of that action, no reason they can’t beat andrew reyberry, with the resources, and talent they have in place, they should be competing with namejet.

  • Nuno says:

    This doesn’t happen everyday but I can confirm that two days ago I was able to get domains through an API beating the same backorders I had with them. They are loosing a lot of registrations AND renewals, beating HugeDomains should be possible for them, but everyday I see Andrew getting many of the domains I backorder (but aren’t worth the cost that other backorder services have).

  • Michael says:

    I feel the same exact way about their expired auction service. As a frequent purchaser of GD expired names, I think their inventory is good but their system SUCKS. Let’s run this down real quick for everyone and hopefully a GoDaddy exec who will read this:

    I spend all day watching and bidding. I WIN name. Sweet, right? Well, yes and no.

    I PAY for name won. Owner still gets a chance to renew. Why? Because GoDAddy is auctioning off names that they don’t even own yet. Why not auction off names that you already have in your possesion? I know why- the almighty profit machine.

    So my name I spent time bidding on AND paid for gets renewed two-three-four days later, I’ve seen it all over there.

    I wait for refund of my money, but who pays me back my time and efforts? And why do they require that they take my money before I’m promised ANYTHING? They have enough money to wait for me to pay until they’ve secured the name.

    GoDaddy, get your shit together, please. Stop bleeding your loyal customers out in the name of profit. Step it up. Pay attention to articles like this and comments like mine. You could be making even MORE moeny if you do.

  • Michael says:

    Oh, and here’s my consulting advice to piggyback off Dan’s post. Godaddy- reach out to Rob Monster and buy Intrust. They catch a lotttt. And screw it, buy NameJet, Pool, or another huge drop service, you guys got the coin…buy them all, problem solved. If you have superbowl ad money, you have acquisition money.

    Then clean up your auction house, keep the coupon codes coming, and you’re unstoppable!! Un-stop-able.

    There’s your business plan layout for 2013, something your probably paying some CLOWNboy $300k+++ a year to fail at. You can hire me for much less.

    Happy domaining all!

  • Andrius says:

    What you could try to do is instead of using 1 point for backorder, use more.. Then godaddy will use “more resources” to catch the name. If you manage to buy those backorder points with their discounts for 10$, then 3 or 4 points are still less than what you would pay to snapnames or pool

  • Michael says:

    In the name of a more effective GoDaddy, you should have approgved my comments. They were all 100% on point.

  • admin says:

    Abdul, Thanks for the comment. I have to agree with you regarding GoDaddy’s backorders. It is the lowest class backorder service and gets beat out by others with a single registrar against GoDaddy’s multiple registrars. Hopefully posts like these will alert them to raise the bar for domain backorders. However, GoDaddy’s reputation may be tarnished for failing to up their backorder service & letting it slide and continue to get beat out by hand reggers.


  • admin says:

    Ron, Thanks for sharing. I agree that GoDaddy’s customer service is joke. GoDaddy’s customer support may be good for helping on a domain transfer, new purchases, related needs or hosting. Their customer service needs to aim higher towards customer feedback & innovation. GoDaddy is losing out on a piece of the pie by allowing customers like yourself to go elsewhere for backordering. For being the number one domain registration company, their backorder department needs a lot of work to get it right & deliver what their customers need – a dependable backorder service that works.


  • admin says:

    Nuno, I have also beat out GoDaddy’s backorders with API’s such as Moniker’s API. It’s sad that they have the resources to beat out API & hand reggers, but they aren’t doing anything about it. That was the purpose of my email to their support team to alert them of how bad their backorder service really is. I guess I was simply wasting my time by trying to bring it to their attention. I also see Andrew Reberry catch a lot of domains. There is money to be made in the drop catch game & Andrew Reberry / HugeDomains & others are reaping huge profits. GoDaddy should be the best drop catcher out there, but it’s a mystery why they have such a poor success rate. GoDaddy has what it takes, but they refuse to apply their strengths to catch better.


  • admin says:

    Michael, Thanks for your comments. It would be a blessing if a GoDaddy exec were to read this post & comments, although I highly doubt it. I was an active GoDaddy auction watcher / winner also. I would focus on the closeouts & grabbed some good names via their auction platform. Issue was like you brought up that the domains can be reclaimed by the current owner & sometimes you don’t win the name. You’re right, GoDaddy takes your money upfront & there is no compensation for your wait, getting your hopes up, then getting the bad news that it was a lost effort. I wish articles like this & user comments would get the point across to the decision makers, but in reality – even if they read this.. It will be brushed off as their service is fine & there’s nothing to “fix”.


  • admin says:

    Michael, thanks for the additional comment post. I work for Epik / Rob Monster on a daily basis & I know first hand that Rob’s emphasis is customer service & innovation. Of course everyone knows of Intrust (because they beat out most domainer’s daily backorders) & perhaps their reputation was less than expected until Rob took over & acquired Intrust Domains. You’re right, GoDaddy has the funds to buy out these backorder companies or acquire more registrar connections to rule the domain backordering game. They probably already have more then enough registrars to make an impact an conquer, but they refuse to apply them towards their backorder service. With that said, what good is it to have the power, but not know how to use it in becoming unstoppable? I hope an exec reads your comment & offers you a job to get their act together in their customer’s interest & maximize their customers, company & stockholder’s profits. Sounds like a win win to me if they paid attention to posts like these.


  • admin says:

    Andrius, That was an old trick I was doing in the past. I had multiple GoDaddy accounts & under each account, I would place multiple backorders for each domain I wanted to catch. While they do apply more resources for the domains with more backorders, this got old fast because they would still get beat out by other backorder services. I simply gave up & continue to use API scripts at multiple registrars with multiple accounts for best results. I’m not sure even with multiple backorders on the same domain that GoDaddy would be able to beat API’s or backorder catchers such as snapnames, pool & namejet.


  • admin says:

    Michael, Sorry about that – It took me a little bit to get around to approve & reply to your comments. I agree that your comments were 100% on point & I have replied accordingly. Thanks for your input & sorry I wasn’t able to approve them sooner.


  • Michael says:

    Dan, no worries, thanks for the responses! I thought that because I was calling out godaddy and may have come off a bit harsh, they wouldn’t be posted. Good to see the transparency. Working for Rob must be exciting! He is a stand up guy and Epik is first class. I tried going down some of their development routes early on, but unfortunately had to pivot in a different direction. I hold Rob and Epik in very high regards! I really wish they would read these posts and adjust, but they are just so big, I think it all falls under the “we dont give a shit, we’re making millions doing what we’re doing” umbrella, which is ultimately unfortunate. Such a waste of power and a missed opportunity to EVEN better as the industry leader. A company of their size must always pay attention to the small details if they want to go from the Fortune 1000 (if they are even on that list) to the Fortune 50. I’d love a job in the domaining space, but first I must pull myself out of the corporate space with domaining! Hopefully…. 2013 will be an interesting year for me. I wish you all the best and enjoy your blog, post some more! If I get an awesome offer for a job, you get my signing bonus, there it is in writing. ; )

    Best wishes and to a happy, healthy and wealthy new year,

  • admin says:

    Michael, No worries at my end either. It has been & continues to be a great opportunity / experience to work for Rob Monster & You don’t have to worry about owing me a signing bonus or anything. I appreciate your comments & taking the time to read my blog. It’s what keeps me going versus shutting down and thinking that there’s no hope for domainers. Good luck in 2013!!


  • Mark says:

    Never won anything, anyone else would want, via Godaddy Backordering for ES or Uk domain backorders

    Absolutely rubbish

    And as with bugs, complaints are ignored

    They may find grabbing domains for themselves, and some fees for a bad job, more profitable than running a proper service.

  • admin says:

    I have only tried grabbing .com & .net domains using godaddy. It may be that they don’t have much strength with cctld drops. I don’t know if they grab domains for themselves (especially cctld’s), but they may hide some catches behind their domainsbyproxy service.


  • NameYouNeed says:

    GD backordering SUCKS! Never use it!

  • admin says:

    I agree, with as much power as GD has, you’d think they would dominate the BO market. Instead they never catch anything good.


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