End User Emails & SEDO’s Buy It Now Pricing Are A Winning Combination For Me

Right before the holidays kicked in around mid December 2012, I set out to email end users in an effort to sell my domain names in my portfolio. This time around, I decided to park the domains I offered for sale at SEDO and point the prospect buyers to visit the domain name by typing it into their browser. I think so far, this has been the best turnaround I have received yet. Out of around twenty decent domains I mailed specific end users about, I can boast that I didn’t get a single complaint that I was spamming prospect buyers. Not that I believe that sending out end user emails is spamming, however when you cross someone or rub them wrong with a cookie cutter email, you may be considered a spammer. I took the time to make sure each email was unique & tailored to match the want & need I was providing.

SEDO Parking & Pricing

SEDO Pricing

The thing that seemed to workout the best is how SEDO accepts the escrow payment, handles the buyer’s questions & concerns – yet above all keeps both parties happy. Out of the twenty domains I promoted, about seven got a reply back or some kind of feedback. Three have been purchased so far & the sales have equaled well over $1,000 so far. In the past I have experienced that the sale & transfer of a domain name sale can fall apart eg, the buyer loses interest & I have to give SEDO credit for being there to make sure this fallout didn’t occur with these buyers.

I think the best thing I could have done was set a buy it now price for each domain. Keep in mind that there were not my best domains, and I set a somewhat hefty price for these mediocre domain names. To my surprise, noone countered my offers and instead simply placed the funds into escrow to secure purchase of the domain name. The domains I was promoting were dropped domains with little age to them, but they simply made sense to me. They didn’t appear in Estibot’s lists, or had any stats. The domains simply made sense to me and had a nice ring to me that I felt end users would appreciate.

I had very spotty results in the past with SEDO’s auction & MLS listings in the past. I believe the best thing I could have done was to place a BIN (buy it now) price for each domain which seems to have generated a lot more sales for me. You can ask, did I leave money on the table on some domains, I’ll answer – sure I did. Overall however, I am happy to see the amount of sales kick up immensely compared to my previous tactics. SEDO has helped my sales volume increase by dealing with the customer for me. Instead of having to talk over the phone with the customer, explain the push process & follow through.

I expect more sales to brew out of sending out more end user emails, but thanks to SEDO, I can focus more now on the end user experience & know that SEDO will pull through on a 100% customer retention percent which I am seeing. It’s also giving my customers piece of mind to deal with a reputable company like SEDO in regards to the domain push & transfer process which would seem leary if I was persuading them to login to a registrar, create a new account, wait for the push then transfer to their current registrar. All while they have released funds to me & basically gotten nothing in return. Thanks SEDO!! You’ve been great to me these past couple weeks & I hope you help clearing out more domains out of my portfolio in 2013!

The last thing I would like to mention is that the SEDO MLS system seems to broadcast my domains for sale as well. However, often times I will get a reply from another MLS registrar or warehousing domain. For example, I sold a domain name mid 2012 to find that a buyer from Afternic’s MLS was constantly contacting me about the sale. Unfortantely two customers wanted the same domain & it was pushed to SEDO’s account once the escrow payment was made. I understand the publicity MLS has across multiple registrars, but you have to keep in mind that it’s a first come first served business.

I hope this post helps others in sellign their domain names. So far, in the last quarter of 2012 & so far 1st quarter of 2013 have been thus far my biggest sales quarters. Who would say that three domains I paid around $8-9 each (hand reg) would yield well over $1,000 USD. The domain game is far superior than t the stock market in my eyes & I will continue to post sucess posts like this one. These sales have covered over 100+ more hand reg / API registrar drop catch registrations with room to grow for additional profits if some of those sell.

All I have to say is that I love the domain space & I am providing by example how you can become extremely profitable with little knowledge & beat up what the US stock market has to offer. No wonder why there’s teenage domainers making a living – the rich get richer & the poor get poorer – mostly by choice.

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  • Adam says:

    Nice post and I agree with most of what you say. I also use Sedo in a similar fashion when selling my domains. However, I strongly disagree when you say they “basically have gotten nothing in return”. 10-20% commission is something to me. In addition, new customers who may have otherwise never heard of Sedo before. I think Sedo is more than happy with their end of the deal.

  • admin says:


    I agree that SEDO’s commission is costly, but it’s worth it’s weight in gold to me. If it wasn’t for the 10% cut on my recent sales – it may be that they may have fallen between the cracks & dissolved into nothing. Now I can forget about the customer service aspect of the sale – and simply wait for the email that funds were released to my company account. That’s why I was giving SEDO credit & 10% (the buy it now commission) is worth it on domains netting close to a hundred fold on my original investment.


  • Manoj says:

    Sedo never worked for me.

  • admin says:

    Sedo has worked for me, but it has been after a lot of patience. Usually when I least expect it, I will have a sale come in.


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