Online Reputation – Years To Build & A Second To Lose In An Instant

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I have been in the domain business since 2003. I really got active around 2006 & 2007. Since then, the dot com bubble has fizzled down immensely.  Something I’d like to touch on today is how your online reputation means a lot to your customers.  I’m sure most online entrepreneurs have experienced going the extra mile for your customer(s).  The saying goes that if you’re doing something right, you will get complainers – usually your competition. If you do something right, your customers will complement you.

I want to shed some light on people who go through the same stuff I have & ultimately the customer comes first. I have reputation across the domain forums and the google checkout score for the company I am running – Pykos Inc. based in Chicago IL. I sell a lot of domains to domainers & endusers along with the drop catching software found at & subscriptions to the expiring domain lists with times at With each sale comes a need to make sure that the customer is happy and received something they can use.

It’s nice to keep a good record going where a new buyer can verify that you are a good seller. It gives the buyer a piece of mind to see your online reputation. Another factor that helps a lot is wom – word of mouth. Often times a buyer will purchase drop catch software from becaue a friend recommend the software since it works for them. Other times a domainer’s competition will catch a domain with the dropking software & the domainer will buy the software to fire back at the same level as their competition. If you need to learn more about marketing strategies to reach c¿your desired level, visit the James Hopkins Coaching website.

This is a snapshot of my reputation at the domain forum:


Expron’s NamePros Feedback Score


I mention that you can lose your reputation in an instant because there will always be a complaining customer that tries to ruin your rep. The best thing to do is be responsive with such customers & provide the best customer care you can while treating each customer equally.

Often times a customer will not feel satisfied with a domain purchase or product purchase. In which case, I like to step back & put myself in the buyer’s shoe. If they feel the price wasn’t good, I work with them. If I feel the support or instructions on the software wasn’t all there, I issue a refund to the buyer. It helps to keep a good online reputation if you think like your customers & go the extra mile instead of thinking profits and how to make your own pockets bigger.

Something I feel helps is to open communication with your customers. Let them voice their complaints & work through each complaint & issue one by one until both parties are happy. I always feel that if my customers aren’t happy, then why should I be happy? If they are struggling to figure out how drop catch software works or how to understand the lists, then I need to step up with the support factor & make the customer happy by maximizing their use of the domain, software or drop lists they have purchased from me.

I worked for Sears Roebuck & CO as a teenager. I worked at one of the biggest malls in America – Woodfield mall for nearly five years. This was one of my first part time / full time jobs. As a sixteen year old, I learned that Sears is in business because of it’s customer loyalty. If Sears didn’t have such customer service, they would have been out of business a long time ago. Hence that Sears may go out of business in the future, their customer loyalty is what has pulled the company stronger & bigger since the turn of the century. Sears taught me that if the customer isn’t happy, we need to make them happy with everything in our power and stick through thick & thin until the customer was happy & appreciative of the product or service they have purchased.

You can lose you online reputation in an instant if you become lazy, overwhelmed, busy or just plain stop caring about your customers. This is something I try not to do & motivate myself to be there for others just like I would like to be treated. If my customers aren’t happy, then I am doing something wrong. Likewise if my competition is bashing me or complaining then I am doing something  right where they are lacking strengths and I’m filling voids they can’t.

I know we all get flooded with work on a daily basis, but something that keeps me going strong is the compliments my customers send over. A simple thank you for the best drop catching software or a thank you for the help provided have gone very far for me. Since I have provided such great service, new doors have opened up to me ranging from free domains to hospitality and customers looking up to me. All this stuff matters to me & is what keeps me going strong daily.

Don’t lose hope & keeping your customers in mind will go very far. Your reputation will grow stronger & the best marketing strategy of all time is word of mouth, of course the use of digital marketing is always helpful and easy to get from companies as the Indexer online. If you do something right, your customers will appreciate it. If you take care of your customers, they will be by your side and help you fruit a better business relationship that should flourish for a long time relationship.

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