Drop Catching Software & Successful API’s

As most of the readers of my blog  know, I offer expired domains drop catching software. I recently have been getting good feedback about certain API’s that seem to be outperforming others. For instance, lately, the namesilo.com API seems to be catching a lot of domains for my customers. It’s great that the namesilo registrar & Michael Goldfarb have been really good at taking care of their customers. The namesilo API offers a feature that other registrars don’t, It’s called a “registerDomainDrop” API call that instantly goes after expiring  pending delete domains to register them into your account.

Another API which has been really getting good remarks from customers has been Moniker. Moniker’s API has successfully beat out multiple backorder services such as backorderzone.com, enom, pool & snapnames. Yes,although rare, Moniker seems to have the best API out there for drop catching expired domains. The difference is quite simple, while the other registrars simply go after one domain at a time, Moniker goes after all your domains at once – sometimes as fast as one try in bulk (up to 100 domains) per second. If you add in multiple API accounts & some strategy, you can save a bundle vs backordering domains by simply using Moniker’s API & paying regfee for each domain.

Dynadot’s API although over-subscribed still holds good value in drop catching as well. I know that Todd Han, Peter Do & support team from Dynadot are working diligently to add more registry connections to their powerhouse registrar. The end result will be more drop catching connections for dynadot’s API customers.  Which will mean more successful drop catches & happy customers who chase  expiring domains which end up in their accounts.

What is the main difference between all? I would say luck, but regardless – it’s still very possible to catch expired domains for a reasonable cost with little overhead. I have seen dynadot’s api beat out moniker’s api while I have seen moniker’s api beat out $59 – $69 backorders. All I can recommend is for you to not lose hope & give it a try. It may surprise you to see what you catch by trying & not give into the major backorder services that end up charging you $69 per backorder & pay $8 & some change for the same expiring domain names.

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  • Interested says:

    Are you still selling your software?
    Please could you explain how to plug it in with Moniker after purchasing the software from you. Do I need a special account with Moniker or my existing account would do?

  • james says:

    Great information – I think it’s important to mention that Moniker.com recently changed their api requirements. In order to use the api customers have to have 1000 domains in their account or fund it with $5000. This makes it difficult for most people to use.

  • admin says:

    James, you are right. Moniker seems to be tightening up their API access for new members. However, I don’t have this issue & am nowhere near 1,000 domains or $5,000 in spending. I have a hunch that current customers may be grandfathered into API access. I don’t have any issues with Moniker’s API & in fact have only about $300 per year in spending there. My API access continues to work fine. I hope this is the same for other domainers who utilize their powerful API. It’s bad news for users who recently created or create a new Moniker account & have these API limitations. Thank you for the comment.

  • admin says:

    Hello, Yes – the software is still for sale. It’s easy to use as all you need to do is enter the domains you want into a text file & save it. Then enter that text file into the drop catching software along with your username, password, nameserver1, namesever2 and NIC ID handle for the whois to use. Then the software will instantly register domains on your behalf directly into your Moniker account. Users find the software very easy to use & have a high success rate at catching the dropping domains they wish to own.

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