INTERNET.BS Drop Catching Software Now Available

INTERNET.BS API Drop CatchingI am proud to offer drop catching software for the registrar API. This software seems to be really fast at hitting’ API and securing expiring domain names on your behalf. has a really good api system which hits the central registry at a good rate. In my testing, I was able to attempt to register domains (.com & .net) at a rate of 1-3 tries a second. Something that I noticed also is that the realtime attempts were going through fast and their API doesn’t seem to be over subscribed like most other API’s. supports these domain extensions for drop catching extensions & prices:


.com $8.49
.co $25.99
.de Free!
.nl Free!
.net $7.75
.eu $6.37
.org $8.50
.it $6.69
.fr $7.31
.info $7.95
.tel $8.99
.us $6.49
.biz $8.25 Free!
.in $9.99
.mobi $12.50
.asia $11.99
.re $8.03
.be $4.76
.tv $32.99
.cc $29.00

I am not really sure how the free registrations work, but it is listed on their website at time of writing.

Hope this is another tool expired domain drop catchers can use to catch valuable domains!

You can view more information about this drop catching tool here: INTERNET.BS Drop Catcher

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