Hits Pending Delete – Registrar Accreditation Terminated In 2007


It’s not often that I notice a pending delete domain that reminds me of the past. However, upon scanning tomorrow’s drop list of pending delete domains I noticed that the domain hit pending delete and will be deleted from the central registry. Tomorrow the domain will expire and become available for registration to anyone. RegisterFly was an ICANN accredited registrar that lost it’s accreditation in 2007. The basis of losing it’s accreditation was based on customer fraud because one of the owners was using company funds for personal use. I remember domaining in 2007 and registerfly always had coupon codes for cheap domain registrations. RegisterFly was one of the most popular registrars across the forums and a hot topic discussed as these news became public. When they lost their accreditation, the news spread like wildfire across the forums with uncertainty of what was going to happen to domains held by the registrar. RegisterFly held over 2 million domains and about 900,000 customers. Some customers included pop star Michael Jackson, charity organizations and the government of Thailand.

Immediately panic followed as registerfly’s customers closely monitored the registrar and it’s legal battle. During the legal woes, the registrar was forced to place notices on the website stating that registerfly’s ICANN accreditation had been terminated.  After that, the registrar began operations again under different domains such as & Later was deemed a phishing website for charging customer’s credit cards for sales, but unable to provide a product or service.

News about the registrar appeared in businessweek and other news broadcasts. ICANN was heavily critized over it’s handling of this matter and it’s approach to rectifying customer complaints. Customers of registerfly struggled to manage their domains, receive support or refunds or managing of their funds held at the registrar.

It will be interesting to see who ends up chasing & snapping up tomorrow. I assume this expiring domain will draw attention and will most likely be captured at one of the major backorder outlets (Snapnames, Enom or Pool). The domain will probably hit auction with multiple backorders and the bidding should yield a good amount for the final amount. It’s not everyday you see a domain like this drop, but I don’t see much use for the name after such a tarnished past.

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  • Maksim says:

    Thanks for the story, it was pleasure to read, interesting what registrar will catch the name and what will be final sell price, snapnames?

  • admin says:

    It looks like caught the domain using which is one of – or used to be one of’s catching registrars. The domain has entered into auction at It will be interesting to see what the domain becomes after an auction winner take control of the domain.


  • Precios says:

    Domain Redirecting to Godaddy, Probably affiliate link.
    In the past Godaddy helped their clients ….

  • admin says:

    Yes Precios, I see that too. It must be that GoDaddy is reaping the benefits from the registrar’s expired domain name.



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